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Live stream

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Mar 12th, 2012 at 12:54am  

   I am trying to stream audio and video from a remote location. I simply can't afford a flyaway system but I think I can achieve the same thing by using a fixed dish and mount at any location and just point it. With that being said I am looking for some used equipment and maybe a little guidance and or suggestions. Idirect or some other platform?stream
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Eric Johnston
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Reply #1 - Mar 12th, 2012 at 7:36pm  
It would be helpful to explain the bit rates you intend and the destination (teleport, your head office, location).  How often will you do this ?  What total data transfers (Mbytes/day/month) ?

Describe your requirements in full and send to all the companies listed on page

Note this successful experiment:;action=display;num=1330...

Why not try to replicate this experiment in the USA using the Ka band Wildblue system  They have got it to work in Europe and it is essentially the same system.

Virtually all shared use satellite internet access systems use TDMA uplinks from the remote sites. This means the remote sites intermittently transmit short bursts towards the teleport hub, each time a mouse is clicked.  Such bursts are on the same frequency as bursts transmitted by other sites, but carefully timed so as to interleave in time and not overlap.  If your requirement is for a large data transfer (uplink) this goes as a long series of bursts.  This series may well be interrupted if another site on the same shared uplink frequency is active.  If the capacity of the link is large, say 2 Mbit/s and your series of bursts has a low average speed, say 500kbit/s then it is possible that you might get a satisfactory "stream like" service as there would be 75% spare room in the TDMA time frame for other sites to transmit their bursts. Congestion occurs when the aggregate uplink bit rate exceeds the transmission rate of the channel (e.g. 2 Mbit/s).  Many sites, possibly several hundred, may share an uplink frequency slot, so substantial uplinking is best avoided.

In Europe, Skylogic can arrange for you to be given a dedicated uplink slot for the duration of your broadcast event.

KA-SAT is new and lightly loaded so you may well get away with sustained uploading now, without interruption from other uplinkers.  

Read more about TDMA
Best regards, Eric.
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