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Antennas, BUCs, TWTAs, SSPAs for sale

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Eric Johnston
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Apr 5th, 2012 at 12:16pm  
From email:

New Era Systems, Inc March 2012:   Anacom, CPI, MCL, Mitec and Varian Amplifiers for Sale  

Equipment is piling up in our Warehouse again.  More BUCs, Transceivers, TWTAs and SSPAs are being added to our warehouse shelves daily. Here is a short list of some of the items immediately available. When we buy this type of equipment it first goes to be completely tested and then once it gets a clean bill of health we put it on the shelf ready for resale. Our most powerful amplifier is 700 watts and our smallest BUC is 4 watts, with plenty of choices in between.  Amplifiers tested and guaranteed for 90 days.  Here is a list of many of our amplifiers, but out of necessity it's not a complete list. For example over the next two weeks we will be taking in a pair of 400 watt KU TWTAs, but until they are tested we cannot offer them for sale.

CPI (1 + 2) 700 watt KU Band TWTA
MCL 10999 300 Watt KU TWTA
Paradise 200 Watt C-Band SSPA
Comtech EFData 100 Watt C-band Transceiver
Xicom XT100-C 170 watt C-Band TWTA
Locus 80 Watt KU-Band SSPA
Mitec 60 Watt KU-Band BUC
Mitec 25W KU-Band BUC
NJT 5025 4W KU-Band BUC
Anacom 8W KU-Band Transceiver

Most of our business comes from sale of medium to large antennas.
This antenna does not belong to us, at 15 meters C-Band we have no place to store it, but if you need more information please ask and we can put you in contact with the owner.

Sincerely, Nicole Anderson, nanderson@newerasystems.net   New Era Systems, Inc

About New Era Systems, Inc
We have been installing and servicing VSAT communication systems since 2000 and amassed a wealth of experience in every location and environment.
2179 N. Powerline Road, Pompano Beach, Florida 33069, New Era Systems, Inc. 954-580-0900
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