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Antennas, BUCs, TWTAs, SSPAs for sale

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Eric Johnston
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Apr 5th, 2012 at 12:16pm  
From email:

New Era Systems, Inc March 2012:   Anacom, CPI, MCL, Mitec and Varian Amplifiers for Sale  

Equipment is piling up in our Warehouse again.  More BUCs, Transceivers, TWTAs and SSPAs are being added to our warehouse shelves daily. Here is a short list of some of the items immediately available. When we buy this type of equipment it first goes to be completely tested and then once it gets a clean bill of health we put it on the shelf ready for resale. Our most powerful amplifier is 700 watts and our smallest BUC is 4 watts, with plenty of choices in between.  Amplifiers tested and guaranteed for 90 days.  Here is a list of many of our amplifiers, but out of necessity it's not a complete list. For example over the next two weeks we will be taking in a pair of 400 watt KU TWTAs, but until they are tested we cannot offer them for sale.

CPI (1 + 2) 700 watt KU Band TWTA
MCL 10999 300 Watt KU TWTA
Paradise 200 Watt C-Band SSPA
Comtech EFData 100 Watt C-band Transceiver
Xicom XT100-C 170 watt C-Band TWTA
Locus 80 Watt KU-Band SSPA
Mitec 60 Watt KU-Band BUC
Mitec 25W KU-Band BUC
NJT 5025 4W KU-Band BUC
Anacom 8W KU-Band Transceiver

Most of our business comes from sale of medium to large antennas.
This antenna does not belong to us, at 15 meters C-Band we have no place to store it, but if you need more information please ask and we can put you in contact with the owner.

Sincerely, Nicole Anderson,   New Era Systems, Inc

About New Era Systems, Inc
We have been installing and servicing VSAT communication systems since 2000 and amassed a wealth of experience in every location and environment.
2179 N. Powerline Road, Pompano Beach, Florida 33069, New Era Systems, Inc. 954-580-0900
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