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Using tooway for ocasional low cost broadcast.

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Apr 9th, 2012 at 1:10pm  
Hello there, I am helping to setup a local TV station in Spain, one of the issues we have is the live evens broadcast, conventional microwave links are ruled out since LOS is non existing due to the mountainous terrain around the area.

I have been reading this forum and several sites for the last couple of weeks and I want to share with you my idea and see what is your opinion on several of my doubts.

My Idea is to have a  KA Tooway pro 10+ and have a H.264 video to IP encoder and send the stream to the central site where it will be decoded again, satellite time delay is not relevant in this appplication.

My plan is to encode video+audio at 1500Kbs which will account for around 800Mb/hour with a reasonable quality for our purpouses, that will give me around 31 hours of live tv per 4 weeks sliding window with the allowed 25Gb, 1h, 1d and 1w sliding windows I believe that will be not relevant since events are held only in weekends and every week there is no more than 2 or 3 events of a couple of hours, In any case we can buy Boost tokens.

The system will be always setup by technicians day before the event, so we can be sure that all is ok from the technical point of view.

My doubts and questions are as follows:

- Is this type of usage allowed in the Tooway terms of use ?

I believe that the answer is yes, but I just want to be sure.

- Is the Tooway pro service capable of this type of traffic?

I plan to use a 30 sec cache on the reception end to account for small stops in traffic but the overall  throughput  has to be capable of all the traffic.

I have seen that all the pro packages have QOS and seems that every pro package has a different QOS service.

- What is the difference in QOS between the different Tooway pro packages ?

Regarding contract, we are willing to pay for the hardware and setup fees but will like to have renewable 6 months contract rudder than the 18 or 24 months standard.

-Is there any reseller that offers 6 months or less contracts ?

99% of our transmission will happen inside our beam coverage but it is possible that every once in a while we have to do a transmission on a different beam.

-Can we freely change beam, even if we have to pay a "setup" fee?

It will be important for us to know in advance the available bandwith in order to be sure that we can do our transmission.

-Do Tooway provides tools to monitor your BW usage in a comprehensive manner ?

And overall I want to understand if this is a crazy idea or this is something that we will be able to do.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Reply #1 - Apr 11th, 2012 at 11:41pm  
Can I suggest that you talk to Tooway Direct on +44 1869 344100 and ask for one of the Gurus ... Tom or Franscois. Those boys know their stuff.

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