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TX Mute on CDM 625

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Jul 11th, 2012 at 5:32pm  
Hello Guys

I have 3 Modem connected to DAC 2202 when the antenna looses comms, i will get a TX mute on they 3 modems, but when the antenna is back on satellite two of the modems (idirect Evo 5x and Comtech CDM 570) get there TX carrier back on the network but the 3rd Modem CDM 625 Tx carrier will be off, untill i physically turn on the carrier.

please i need help as to why this is behaving like this.

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Eric Johnston
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Reply #1 - Jul 12th, 2012 at 9:31am  
The handbook for the CDM 625 is here:

Your symptom may have something to do with: CONFIG: Tx  Tx-IF
Tx: Carrier=On (Off,On,RTI) POCO=Off

The RTI (RECEIVE/TRANSMIT INHIBIT) option is supposed to turn off the transmit carrier when the receive side goes unlocked for more than up to 10 seconds (number of seconds selectable).  The transmit carrier should come back up when Rx lock comes back on.  So, it is not clear why you have your symptom.

If the POCO option (Power-On Carrier-Off) option is set to On, then when powered on the modem will have the transmit carrier Off.  You will need to manually start transmission.  This could be your symptom, but you don't say why all your carriers lose receive lock - due all carriers being turned off by the far end?, due to mispointing ? due to power failure at your site ?

Two ideas:

1. Is the receive side of this modem perhaps just being used to monitor its own transmit carrier ?  If so, this would create the symptom you see.  Once it stops transmitting it will permanently have lost receive lock and never start transmitting again.

2. If your "antenna looses comms" was due to power failure at your site and POCO (Power-On Carrier-Off) is enabled, then when the power comes back on the modem will start up with transmit Carrier-Off. This would explain the symptom you see.

Comtech tech support contact phone and email addresses are here:

Best regards, Eric.
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