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X-Pol Server for iDirect

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Jul 25th, 2012 at 6:35pm  
I'm about 90% done with a project that can manipulate iMonitor to send a short CW test signal for about 20 seconds, while commanding a Tektronix 2715 or 2714 SpecAn to measure Co,Cross, and Isolation.  It can query the NMS archive to find remotes with high errors as a list of remotes to test.  I'm thinking about a web server for interactive use by technicians. A more ambitious direction would be to integrate it into a MotoSat J1 or similar pointing controller to automate pointing and get it right the first time.  The query/test/record results version is able to demo and can identify stations that interfere.

Is there anyone else that would like to throw a few bucks into the project and get a tool to clean up their network? 

So far, this is designed around a 1.2m reflector, single LNB, Tek-2715 opt 8, WinDos PC w/ serial, and iMonitor idx 2.

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