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Experienced satellite communications engineer seeking position

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Aug 4th, 2012 at 9:52am  
Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed Maher  
Mobile no. : +971501391885
Personal Data    

Nationality                    : Egypt
Military Status               : Exempted
Driving license               : UAE Valid Driving License


First University Degree        : B.Sc. Engineering
University                          : Misr For Science & Technology
Faculty                                  : Engineering
Major                                     : Electronics & Communication Engineering
Graduation Project                :  Astronomical Telescope using Genetic Algorithms
Graduation project's grade    : Excellent                                                
Graduation Year                    : 2005
IT Skills                                : windows 98, XP, 2000, windows7 ,MS VISIO, MS Project, MS Office

Spoken Languages:

  Arabic-Degree: Excellent           English-Degree: Excellent             French-Degree: Very Good
Work Experience  
•      Worked at EGYPTSAT which is the agent for iDirect communication, Reseller for Hughes communications and Link Star system "Two-way and One-Way connection" and my job profile is NOC Engineer, Technical Support Engineer, Customer Service, field and Office engineer "installing the Satellites internet connection with VSAT and implementing the sites"
•      Worked at DCS " Digital Communication System " as technical support Engineer  and Site Engineer, installing the VSAT system  (Hughes system) "DW 4000, DW 4020, DW 6000 and DW 7000" , installing also the ADSL service "TE-Data ,EgyNet" , Dealing with Customers for solving their issues by Telephone.
•      13-10-2006 till 17-2-2008 worked at Challenger Limited for Petroleum at Libya as technical Engineer and Site Engineer, I am involved in installing the iDirect satellite System "iDirect II+, iDirect 3000 Series ", responsibility of Maintenance for all the Sites, Monitoring all the system, Troubleshooting with the Network Problems all Over Libya sites which located at the Libyan Desert.
•      1-5-2008 till 28-2-2009 working for ND SatCom FZE as VSAT communication Engineer involved in Installing & Configuring ND SatCom IDUs ”SkyWan , Uplink, Broadcasting”, Troubleshooting with OSPF Networks, integration for the Racks as well; Configuring & installing different models of Verso FAD. Troubleshooting with the customers, working with SAP system.

Projects Accomplished with NDSatCom

•      CAA(civil aviation"11Sites with HUB station and backup HUB Station " with installation of 3.8m Prodelin Antennas") in Sudan
•      Mango II (12 Remote terminal with HUB station  for  military )  in Pakistan
•      Al-Baghdadya TV (1 Hub station with 3 remote sites) in IRAQ
•      Smart link Uplink Project ”Batelco Teleport” (installation 4.8M Antenna") Bahrain
•      Agathon (Redundant system) for CBL "Central bank of Libya"
•      Al-Yahsat ( installation of 4 antennas 3.7m Andrew  Antennas “Broadcasting Project") Abu Dhabi - UAE

•      20-7-2009 up to 20-7-2011 working for Atlas Telecommunications as Senior VSAT Engineer
Involved in All VSAT Networks (VoFR, VOIP, IP traffic); Involved in antenna installation 2.4M, 1.5M (SNGs “SkyRay”), 1.2M (SNGs “SkyRay Light”), 2 Flyaway Antennas ”New Astrium Products”, 1 M(MPT), 4.8M vertex KPK KU-Band Antennas, Performing an ESVA Test under supervision of Aflenz Teleport and EutelSat CSC team, working with SAP system
Job Profile at Atlas as the following:

1.      Responsible for the verification and continued operations of the ATLAS (GHQ[UAE ARMED FORCES]”Signal Corps”) VSAT Management System for All the TDMA Network terminals located at IRAQ, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bahrain and UAE(Oman Border Points.
2.      Responsibility to identify the root cause of problems that are captured through the day to day use of the management system and co-ordinate the necessary responses to ensure that the Systems is brought back under operational control
3.      Solving all the interference issues faced on the satellite transponders
4.      Solving any adjacent satellite interference; high power levels related to the transponder specs with  KU band antennas
5.      cross pole testing and measuring the isolation for the KU-Band antennas
6.      measuring the CW Levels for all the transmitted powers over W5 Satellite
7.      verification of the link budget with the satellite planning department according to the indoor unit specs provided by the system integrators
8.      Responsibility of All Routing issues/Configurations for all the Voice Calls over the satellite “CCNA experienced Skills”
9.      Responsibility for the investigation, assessment and documentation of impacts and surrounding changes to the Network Management System, product design and changes.
10.      Additional responsibilities in  providing advice and guidance to GHQ”Signal Corps”, the military customer to ensure that the design and specification of any modification and upgrades as well as the provision of new services can all be delivered using the Systems provided.
11.      Operate and maintain the Network Management systems of the UAE Military Customer.
12.      Operational planning of Network Management System and IP requirements
13.      Specification and design of new services
14.      Production, implementation and monitoring of the Network Management System operating policies
15.      Maintain records of all the VSAT Network Management issues, faults and configurations:
16.      Manage the VSAT Network System and associated network facilities, including after hours on call for NMS issues.
17.      Undertake Quality Assurance Activities as directed.
18.      Configuration, Installation and Design Authority.
19.      Communication skills, ability to work under high level of pressure
20.      ability to work in shifts or 24/7 under call
21.      Attend the customer meeting to understand their requirement with introducing the solution for their need
22.      working as per the accepted SLA between the Company and the Customers
23.      Preparing the Offers to the customer with the Sales Engineer
24.      follow up the quotations and the Pricing with the customer and the system integrator
25.      review the customer feed back and follow up if there is any issue could appears to make the customer satisfied
26.      update the SAP system with the Sales activities (P.I, P.O, Invoices, Quotations)

•      03.07.2011 up to 03.07.2012, working for  Astrium UK (LSE Space) based in Abu-Dhabi/Dubai, UAE as a Senior RF/SatCom Engineer for YAHSAT satellite company involved for maintenance, Implantation and training of the 9.3M GDSatCom  2 KA-Band antennas, all the fixed antennas(Anchor stations) and new Astrium RF products ”Fly away antennas and shipborn antennas” . To help the NCC (Network Control Center and the SCC (Satellite control center) of YAHSAT to monitor the Y1A satellite (KA-Band). I was specially hired for the UAE Signal Corps activities for training (Power point preparation + course wares). also write the procedure for the Installation of the VSAT Terminals& another part of my duties are  to ensure the validity and operational characteristics of payload equipment by testing to stringent specifications for GROUND ANCHOR STATION (RF),

•      Job Profile at Astrium UK(LSE Space) as the following:

1. Maintenance for MONO Pulse Tracking
2. Maintenance for Servo Tracking
3. Inspection and implementation for the HVAC Cooling system
4. Configuring Block down Converter (BDC)
5. Configuring Block up Converter (BUC)
6. Installation and De-Gassing for HPAs (250W) located in the antenna HUB
7. Remove and replace the LNA plates located in the Antenna HUB
8. LDA Configuration (RHCP/LHCP) redundant 1:2
9. Configuring the Block up converter Controller (RHCP/LHCP) redundant 1:2
10. Configuring the Block down Converter Controll
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