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Probecom 7.3m earth station for sale

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Oct 18th, 2012 at 3:42am  
Probecom 7.3m  earth station antenna
1 Introduction
7.3-meter Earth station antenna,which uses a shaped parabolic reflector .provides high gain and exceptional pattern characteristics as well as low VSWR.its electric performance meets the FCC regulation 25.209,IESS (intelsat).or ITU-RS recommendation 580 sidelobe specification (domestic and international standards).The main reflector surface is comprised of 16 infividual adjustable aluminum panels.The panels of the main reflector are comprised of aluminum sheets and ribs which are stretch-formed,and are riveted on the special mould.The 7.3m antenna sttucture consists of the pedestal,reflector and the feed system,as shown in fig.
2 Technical Specification
Electrical Specifications
Antenna Type:Ring focus antenna
Frequency Range (GHZ): Receive (Rx)   Ku band :10.95GHz-12.75GHz
                   Receive (Rx)   C band:3.4GHz-4.2GHz
Sidelobe Level (DBi)    Meeting the standards of CCIR580
Gain,mid-band (Dbi):   Ku-band :57.14 Db (Rx)
                   C-band : 47.59Db (Rx)
First sidelobe:        ≤-14Db
VSWR:The maximum allowable VSWR is 1.5:1
Polarization adjustable range:+-45 degree (manual for Linear Pol )
Polarization adjustment speed ( Optional ): 1 degree / S
Isolation Ratio:C band   30 dB
            Ku band 30 Db
Noise temperature :C band : 36 degree K @ 10 degree
                Ku band : 50 degree K @ 10 degree
Interface type: C band :CPR 229F
            Ku band :WR 75F
Insertion loss:C band :0.25 dB
            Ku band :0.3 Db
3 Mechanical Specification
Antenna diameter:  D = 7300mm
Mount Type:Elevation-over-azimuth
Drive mode:Mode: Motorized
Antenna Travel:Azimuth +- 85 degree ( in two sectors )
             Elevation 0 degree -90 degree continuously adjustable
Reflector accuracy : Main reflectoe: ≤ 0.5mm ( RMS )
Environmental condition
Wind loading Operation 14m/s gusting to 20.1m/s
           Degraded 20.1m/s gusting to 26.8m/s
           Stow     26.8m/s gusting to 32.6m/s
Survival 56m/s
Temperature:  outdoor -40 degree C - + 50 degree C
           Indoor   +5 degree C -+ 30 degree
Rainfall 100mm/h:Ice 60mm thick
Relative Humidity: outdoor 10 %- 100 %
                Indoor 10 %-90 %
Ice 13mm,in normal operation: Survival 25mm
Earthquake: Horizontal component:0.3g
           Vertical component:0.15g
Design life:≥15 years

About Probecom
PROBECOM MICROWAVE TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. is a specialized company engaged in the design and manufacture of satellite communication earth station antenna and relevant servo equipments, and radar telemetry and telemonitor antenna servo sub-system. We have a selected range of VSAT antenna (Ku-Band, C-Band, Ka-Band), Non-penetrating Roof Mounts,on the move antenna ,SNG Antenna, TVRO antenna,Flyaway antenna,Earth Station Antenna Control System and Tracking Systems.

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