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Low Cost C-Band Satellite Capacity over Africa

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Feb 9th, 2013 at 12:18pm  
Ariave Satcom is pleased to announce VSAT service in the C band coverage beam of Intelsat 25, at 31.5 deg west, illustrated below:
Satellite capacity only or including IP connectivity are available.
IS-25 capacity only is priced at $2,500/MHz for at least 15MHz. IP connectivity is priced at $2,200/Mbps

Teleport Hosting is also available using a large dedicated 32m antenna located at the RRSAT Uplink Center.The VSAT hub equipment technology can be DVB-S2 with BOD or SCPC return channels.

Customer outdoor equipment is typically a 1.8m dish with C band allowing to achieve signal reliability in high rainfall weather conditions, with linear polarisation.  The DVB-S2 receive frequency into remote sites is around 3.8-4.1 GHz.  LNB Filters are used in areas that may have WiMAX interferences.

We have plenty of spare capacity available and are able to offer unlimited download bit rates while the uploads can reach up to 4Mbps using a low power BUC.  A 5W C band BUC and 1.8m dish will enable up to 1 Mbit/s upload speed from a remote site.  Both dedicated FDMA, shared MFTDMA internet access and dedicated SCPC services are available.

For more details and pricing please email me at or call +00-972-545-493-276
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