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Assembling Ku flanges: best practices?

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Ex Member
Ex Member

Apr 5th, 2013 at 11:34pm  
Just researched the "contact flanges" which are used on the common Ku LNBs with '75 waveguides:

-how best to clean aluminum oxide? Best done each time flanges are assembled?

-how best to protect the assembly?  Use a thin film of silicone O-ring grease on the rubber O-ring and the contact surfaces?

-or use the Morris-style "Anti-oxidant joint compound"?

-or assemble dry and seal outside with some "stretchy rubber", in an effort for aluminum contact surfaces to not start oxidizing outboard of the O-ring?

-what if I end up with w 2 cover flanges and zero O-ring groove?

-stop being "anal"?


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