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iSCPC line Card NO Carrier

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Ex Member

May 7th, 2013 at 11:16pm  

iwant to configure SCPC link using M1D1-SCPC line card in the HUB and 5000 series modem in the remote... so far i did configure my line card in iBiulder and also add to it the remote modem and retrieved both configurations and downloaded in both line card and the modem.... everything is fine with the modem as ican see its carrier in the spectrum , but with the line card the carrier didn't show up knowing that am using version 7_0_5 and installed the line card in 5IF chassis with TDMA lines card already installed on it and online.
also knowing that both line card and modem are gray color in ibiulder and i monitor and with comment activation pending in the line card and when try to apply configuration it is not working although ican ping the PP from the line card

also not forget to mention that the status of the line card is off while it seems functionally working fine as ican login it using isite and hyper terminal.
why the carrier didn't show up? and just to make sure which packages ishould download in the line card ?
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