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VSAT APP, Aligning Your Antenna - iPhone & Android

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Jun 25th, 2013 at 10:34am  
Get the App for iPhone or Android here: = broken link

The VSAT PRO app from SkyVision assists you with aligning your VSAT link satellite dish to the correct satellite to receive satellite Internet service. The VSAT PRO line of site and satellite finder app also contains a list of SkyVision satellite IP connectivity services as well as a SkyVision satellite list. There is a quick guide to assist you with any questions you might have during your VSAT alignment procedure, troubleshooting needs or maintenance scenarios.

Features include:

New VSAT alignment set up
SkyVision services list
SkyVision satellite list
Quick guide

Get the App for iPhone or Android here: = broken link

Added by forum admin 22 Sept 2021: The "App" appears to be no longer availsable.

This link may help:
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