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LINE CARD has misconfigured idirect eM1d1

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Jul 20th, 2013 at 1:05pm  
i'm operator with 6 cards idirect eM1D1 line card, one day I had some problems with a line card and remove its configuration with the program ibulder including license had to be done in these cases? as I can retrieve this information?? you can copy the settings of the other cards that I have?? as I can do? suggest that the most knowledgeable in the subject give your comment
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Reply #1 - Jul 23rd, 2013 at 5:54am  

What was the issue with the line card? Did you resolve the network issue by removing the card?

First off. If you need to remove a card in the future always grab screen captures and retrieve the options file for the line card. This way you know what the configuration was.

If you want to use that line card again. Create the configuration in iBuilder and save the optiosn file for the line card to your computer. Install card in the chassis and power it up (do not connect the LAN or RF cables). iSite into the line card and download the firmware and correct idirect version. Then apply the options file.

Reboot. Confirm that card is back up as normal. I.e. Ping.

Connect up the chassis LAN cables to the card and verify that iMonitor/iBuilder can now see the card (icon should turn Blue)

If all is well. Connect RF cables and bring up carriers with the Satellite operator.
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