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Inmarsat Alphasat satellite photographed in orbit.

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Eric Johnston
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Aug 16th, 2013 at 11:53am  
Inmarsat Alphasat satellite photographed in orbit.

Picture taken by Astrium engineer and amateur astronomer Richard Hopkins on Monday. The image was taken from Guildford, and used approximately a two-minute exposure at 200mm focal length. The field of view is about 5 degrees.

Read more:

Similar pictures were taken in 2004 in the USA, see
With really dark sky, long time exposure and high resolution you can see the movement of satellites in inclined orbit and even see older inclined orbit satellites tumbling, having lost attitude control.  The super high resolution pictures are here

Anyone with a good camera and time exposure should give it a try.  Put the camera on a solid rock!

Best regards, Eric.
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