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NET LED going off

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Jun 25th, 2014 at 12:23pm  

Please am having an issue with my ISP on X3 evolution modem. After activation of the modem, some days later I discovered that the modem NET LED on the modem will be off while RX and TX are on. After series on rebooting the NET will come up. On complaining to my ISP they keep on telling me that even with at the time the NET was off that am passing internet traffic which I don't understand the possibility of that. Though firstly they said it is congestion that is causing the NET Led to be off at this I upgraded the bandwidth. After the upgrade the problem persists.
so my questions are:
1) how true is their claim that while the NET LEd is off the modem is still passing internet traffic?
2) can congestion on network cause NET Led to be OFF?
3) what can be causing the NET Led to be going off at a particular time of the day always?
4) what is the possible solution?

Thanks for your contributions.
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Reply #1 - Jun 26th, 2014 at 8:15am  
From X3 Installation manual...

LED Label   LED Color       Indicated Unit Status

PWR         OFF             The Satellite Router is powered Off or there
                            is a power supply problem.
            GREEN           The Satellite Router is powered On.

NET         GREEN           The Satellite Router has been acquired into
                            the network.
            FLASHING GREEN  The Satellite Router is attempting acquisition
                            into the network.
            SOLID YELLOW    The downstream SCPC is locked.
            FLASHING YELLOW The downstream SCPC is not locked.

STATUS      OFF             The IDU is functioning properly.
            FLASHING GREEN  The unit is booting. DRAM test is in progress.
            RED             Indicates a serious fault or failure in the
                            software, hardware, or configuration. May
                            indicate that the DRAM test failed.

TX          GREEN           The IDU’s transmitter is active.

RX          GREEN           The IDU is locked to the downstream and it is
                            receiving data.
            FLASHING GREEN  The demodulator is locked to the downstream
                            but NCR is not locked. Data is not being
                            received by the modem.

The questions that EDWIN asks still need answering. Please help.
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Reply #2 - Jul 17th, 2014 at 6:10am  

usually when the NET light is off it means that there is a connection issue between the NMS and the remote and results in the hub not receiving the "remote hello" it requires for the remote to be completely in the network. This could be a few things:
- hub routing issue
- QoS issue
-remote configuration issue

I would ask how they upgraded you? I.e. by using just the simple Downstream/Upstream MIR, or by performing this in a group/remote QoS.

However I have see a remote still passing traffic like they say when it does not have the NET light lit. But I would ask what traffic they are seeing? I.e. HTTP, TCP,UDP, multicast. They might have an IP conflict someone on their network which is causing it also.

good luck!
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