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Replace F-connector by BNC connector?

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Sep 15th, 2014 at 6:36pm  

I'm a new Tooway KaBand satellite user. I have a flyaway antenna build in in a flightcase. All equipment is build-in in the lid. The motor is fixed in the base of the fligtcase. Now I want to place connectors to the RF cable and the power cable.

Here is my question can i use BNC connector to connect the RF cable instead of the F-connector.

The connector I want to use in the flightcase is the Neutrik NBB75DFIB on the cable I will use the Neutrik NBNC75XXXX connector (still need to lookup the correct connector)

Kind regards

Kind Regards
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Reply #1 - Sep 15th, 2014 at 7:23pm  
Consider using a "quick on f connector" adaptor. Look in Google/Amazon.
They are easily damaged so be careful in use. Lubricate centre pin with electronic grade silicone contact grease. Make sure external spring does not get lost. Get a few spares.

Really important: Do not connect or disconnect with the power on.

Note that the diameter of centre pin in f connectors is not standardised and does vary. If a larger diameter has been used before the socket springs may be stretched and if a new plug with thinner pin is applied the contact may be unreliable.

Best regards, Eric
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Reply #2 - Jun 21st, 2015 at 9:49am  
old thread, but I'd use BNC rather than the plug-on F-connector, which I only use on my sat finder scope, for reasons of much higher current to be delivered to the TRIA than to an LNB. N connector could even be better, but is hard to find in 75 ohm and a bit clunky.
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