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Tooway modem and DHCP

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Jun 3rd, 2015 at 12:55pm  
Hi, I'm a new user and not very 'techy' so please forgive my ignorance! I am in a remote location in Spain so have installed a Tooway system. When it first came I also installed a TP link W8980 wireless router. It was very easy to set up, all I had to do was to change the mode from ADSL to EWAN and that was it. Everything else set at default. Then after two weeks it stopped working and when I looked in the system log I could see that a DISCOVER request was being sent out but receiving no reply. Bentley Walker blamed the router, TPlink blamed me and settings. After many resets to factory defaults TPlink said router must be faulty so exchanged. New router does exactly the same thing. There is one way I can get it to work for an hour or two and that is to connect my laptop to the Tooway modem, then look at the IP number that the modem has been assigned. Then change the router from dynamic IP to static - put in the IP number I have just looked at and all is well for a bit. I realise of course that this is a complete fudge. I think this is an issue with the DHCP server. Actually I suspect that there has been some change in the firmware in the modem which has changed how the DHCP server is working but the folks at Bentley Walker absolutely deny this. Anybody any ideas?

Thanks for your time, Spike
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