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Satellite equipment for sale (

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Jan 5th, 2016 at 3:04pm  
Hi All,

I apologise if this post is not relevant to anyone but I thought it may be interesting to someone, or someone may know of someone who would be interested. I am the Head of engineering for a UK based company called Cerberus-tech. We used to be Cerberus-satcom but in the last year have phased out the satellite part of the business. Due to us no longer dealing with this part of the industry we have quite a bit of kit left over (mainly new) left in the warehouse. A list of which is:

1 x iDirect Rugadised modem + MPAD + GPS + periphery's
4 x iDirect X5 modems
4 x iDirect X3 modems

18 x Hughes 9200 modems and transceivers for use on Avanti
1 x 1.2M Prodelin antenna system
9 x 98M Prodelin antenna system      
5 x 74M Prodelin antenna system

3 x Skyware global 98cm antenna systems with 3W transceivers

3 x Horizon Meters (HDS2A variant)

2 x 51mm non-pen mounts
4 x 60mm non-pen mounts
3 x 60mm non-pen mounts

9 x 51mm Holkirk Aluminium Quick Deploy mounts
9 x 60mm Holkirk Aluminium Quick Deploy mounts

1 x Holkirk 1m TP100 antenna system
1 x Sat-Comm 75cm Ka-D flyaway system with integrated back mount modem with Wi-Fi

If anyone would be interested any of this kit or would like to know prices or make any offers please email me at

Thanks, Brad
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