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Satlink ws-6906

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May 16th, 2016 at 6:27pm  
I looking for information on the setting for anik f2 satellite to inter in my satlink ws-6906 like the following:  lat, long, c band feq, I am trying to tune a dish in for the anik f2 satellite, how do I go about doing this using a Satlink ws-6906
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Reply #1 - May 17th, 2016 at 5:33pm  
Have a look here for carriers on Anik-F2.

The only carrier that looks possible is:

4104 MHz Horizontal polarisation
DVB-S2 4143 kSps 1/2 FEC 8PSK

Not all meters or older set top boxes can process 8PSK signals into pictures. The Satlink ws-6906 may be good only for QPSK modulation. Even if you can't get a picture on the  ws-6906 it should help you peak up by providing a basic metering of the carrier power, which will be quite low, since 4141 kSps is a small carrier compared with the normal large TV carrier of around 27000 kSps. You might only see a very small indication when you are on Anik F-2. Other broadcast satellites, with many big TV carriers, will give a far larger signal power reading.

Note the local oscillator frequency of your C band LNB and program this into the meter, plus the downlink frequency from the satellite. The meter should calculate the difference frequency, which is what is in the cable.

Regarding dish pointing and polarisation angle adjustment amount go to

For horizontal polarisation starting position, your C band LNB will have its waveguide broad faces on either side, like so:

Set the elevation angle accurately by measurement, then swing the dish boldly sideways (the blue line will help you) to find the satellite.  Check the elevation angle for adjacent satellites and you will understand that they are in a line and you can move from one to the next if you initially get it wrong.

Best regards, Eric
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