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High Cable Attenuation and no TRIA Status

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Aug 29th, 2016 at 9:16am  

I am at at friends home in the south of Spain, about 75 km south east from Sevilla. We have a Tooway internet connection since 4 month now. In the beginning, he told me, that everything worked fine (No problem with Youtube/Netflix etc. ), but since at least two month the connection become really slow. Sometimes I couldn't even open google or it takes 1 minute to oben it.

Our modem stats are

Rx Power: -39.7dBm
Rx SNR: 10.1dB

ODU Telemetry status

Cable Attenuation15.8 dB

In my opinion the Cable Attenuation is much too high. We have used the cable that came with the antenna, it is about 10m long.
We have changed the cable for a test, but the Cable Attenuation went even higher, up to 19.x. (It was not a "high" quality cable)
We have also checked the cable for damages, but it looks good.

The other problem is when I connect to the Modem, I alway get the same values on the TRIA site (except the temperature), no matter how good or bad the antenna setup is.

Tx IF Power:
-35.5 dBm

Tx RF Power:
14.5 dBm

I have no idea what I can do else to get a better connection.
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YaBB Admin

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Reply #1 - Aug 29th, 2016 at 11:16am  
Pass this information to your service provider and ask for their help.

My comments (but bear in mind I have no experience with Tooway)
Your receive signal (-39.7 dBm and 10.1 dB) is disappointing but it should still be working. Rx power is normally between -33 and -38 dBm.
Rx SNR is normally between 10 and 16 dB. Low values are likely due to poor dish pointing, degraded cable/connectors, rain. At your location, near the middle of the Gibralter beam, you should see a clear sky Rx SNR of about 15 dB.

Your cable resistance (1 ohm) is normal but its apparent attenuation (15.8 dB) is abnormally high.
It is important to use the correct type of cable and make perfect joints at the connectors. The cable should be undamaged and not kinked, bent sharply or dented. At the connectors, the braid-sheath must make good contact and the centre pin wire stick out 1.5mm proud of the rim.  If the cable and connectors are good it is possible that the displayed 15.8 dB is a false reading.

Your transmit values are abnormal.
Tx IF Power -35.5 dBm is very low. Normal values -25 to -29 dBm.  This looks like a fault. Modem transmit output is low. 
Tx RF Power 14.5 dBm (0.028 watts) is also very low. Normal values are 30 - 33 dBm (1 to 2 watts)

Please would anyone with experience of Tooway, offer their advice.
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Reply #2 - Aug 29th, 2016 at 4:35pm  
Thanks for the quick answer. I have send all this Information and values to mi ISP and waiting for an answer.
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Reply #3 - Sep 5th, 2016 at 2:13pm  
Today I got an answer from my ISP. After performing a Line quality test they tell me that everything is ok with my connection, but my down speed is still as f*ing slow as usual.
I think I have to look for another ISP or Internet solution.
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Hipolito Gonzalez
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Reply #4 - Sep 8th, 2016 at 8:59am  
I dont know what is happening with our coverage area in South Spain. I am in Fuengirola, in the south, maybe close to your friend.

In the past I have better values but "everyday" are going worse in ALL my customers. Now in the past you can reach 12 in RX signal, but now ALL people is 10, 9.5, 10.2, and is impossible to reach more than 10.5.

My dish (personal) is impossible to move, because is not with a pole, is "inside" (no literally) the wall. It meas the tria has been placed over a wall is a structure for it.

Then, now we are getting in about 50 or 60 install worst signal and the temperature of ALL TRIA is reaching 60 degress sometimes.

Also, my cable atte is increasing (in the customers also) every day. New and old installs....

Here my post, is similar to your captire, and it happened about 6 months ago and every "day¨ is going worse. I repeat, in ALL my customer and I haver more than 50.....

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