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Updated Satcom equipment in stock for sale!

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Jan 28th, 2017 at 8:08pm  

Satcom Resellers has been in the satellite communication industry for over 25 years specializing in selling new and refurbished equipment nationally and internationally. Thousands of satisfied customers saving up to 75% off the manufacturer's list prices. With Satcom Resellers database of inventory, we are able to partner with vendors throughout the world to offer the latest and newest inventory and at the same time, high quality refurbished or used Satcom equipment. All of our satellite equipment is fully tested by our Satellite RF Engineers and we offer a minimum of 90-day warranty.

When you have new opportunities I will be happy to discuss them with you.

The following equipment is all in stock for sale, if interested we can send you specs, pictures and price.

X6 Miteq RLU-095175 Redundant Line Amp      
X4 Miteq U-9693 Up Converter C-Band      
X3 Miteq U-9693-1 Up Converter C-Band      
X15 Miteq 1:1 Converter Redundancy Switch Over Unit 7
X1 Miteq U-9695-3 Up Converter
X1 Miteq U-9696-3 Up Converter
X2 Miteq Up Link Power Control Unit      
X2 Miteq UPB-14.25S-LC Block Up Converter      
X3 Miteq UPB-14.125S Block Up Converter      
X1 Miteq RLU-095175 Redundant Line Amp      
X2 Miteq RSUN-B/S-LC 1:N Switch Over Unit      
X2 Miteq DNB-12.1S Block Down Converter      
X1 Miteq DNB-11.325S Block Down Converter      
X1 Miteq D-8605/40964 Test Translator      
X1 Miteq 1:1 Amplifier Unit      
X2 Miteq DNB-3.8S Down Converter Block      
X2 Miteq DownConverter D-9642      
X2 Miteq D-9641-1 Down Converter      
X2 Miteq U-9696-3 Up Converter      
X2 Miteq U-9696-3 Up Converter      
X1 Miteq U-9693-1 Up Converter
X1 Miteq DN-34565 Test Translator
X1 Miteq DN-8011-1 Test Translator
X11 Scientific Atlanta D9054 HD Encoder
X1 Scientific Atlanta D9828 Multiple Decryption Receiver      
X7 L.N.R. M2 Extended C-Band Up Converter      
X3 L.N.R Down Converter      
X3 L.N.R Protection Switch      
X2 L.N.R RF Switch      
X2 L.N.R RF Switch      
X3 Radyne ComStream DMD-20 Satellite Modem      
X6 Radyne ComStream DMD-2401 Satellite Modem      
X3 Radyne ComStream SFC-6400 C-Band Up Converter      
X3 Radyne ComStream SFC-4200 C-Band Down Converter      
X10 Radyne ComStream DVB-3030 Digital Video Modulator
X1 Radyne ComStream SFC-1450 KU-Band Up Converter      
X3 Novella RU03 1:1 Redundancy Unit
X1 Tandberg E5720 Encoder      
X1 Tandberg TT4021 Redundancy Switch      
X1 FlexKey Encryptor
X5 Super Flex DVB-S/DVB-S2
X1 Adaptive Broadband SDM-2020 Broadband Modulator
X2 Andrews APC 100 Antenna Controller
X1 STS 1:1 Controller
X2 STS Up Converter
X2 NewTec NTC/2277.xF DVB-S2 Satellite Modulator      7041003
X1 NewTec DVB-2080 DVB Modulator/Converter
X2 NewTec RSU-2075 1:1 Redundancy Switching Unit      
X1 NewTec DVB Satellite Modulator      
X1 NewTec USS-2085 Universal Switching Unit      
X1 Hewlett Packard E4418B EMP Series Power Meter
X1 Quintech Data Grade 70mhz Frequency Converter      
X1 Quintech SRM-1000 RF Matrix Router      
X1 Quintech SFM-070 Matrix Switching System      
X3 Satellite System Down Converter
X1 Satellite System Up Converter(70 MHz - L-Band)
X1 Linearizer Tech WAFL-1400 KU-Band Linearizer      
X4 Linearizer Tech WAFL-6000C C-Band Linearizer      
X1 Varin Traveling Wave Tube Amplifier      
X2 Varin RF Switching Module
X1 Vertex RSI TRL-1S Tracking Receiver      
X1 Vertex RSI BRC-1101
X1 Vertex RSI BRC-1102
X2 Vertex RSI SCR-14000BU Ku-Band Up Converters(13.75-14.50 GHz)
X1 Vertex RSI SCR-14000BU      Ku-Band Up Converters(13.75-14.50 GHz)      
X1 Vertex RSI BCR-5866 C-Band Dual-Single Thread TLT      
X1 Vertex RSI 7134 Antenna Controller      
X1 Vertex RSI Operation Control      
X1 Vertex RSI Tracking Receiver      
X1 Vertex RSI LPKM14035R-0001 Ku-Band SSPA Indoor (2-RU)      1
X1 Vertex RSI Antenna controller      
X4 Comtech UT-4514 Up Converter      
X1 Comtech CDM-600 Satellite Modem      
X2 Comtech DT-4513 Down Converter
X1 Comtech DT-4510 Down Converter      
X1 CrossTech MD#2017 Up & Down Converter      
X1 CrossTech MD#2016 Down Converter      
X3 Locus 1:2 Redundant Control Panel      
X1 Locus ACP-200 1:2 Controller      
X3 Paradise DataCom RCP2-1200 1:2 Redundant System Controller      
X1 Paradise DataCom RCP2-1100 1:1 Redundant System Controller      
X1 Paradise DataCom Redundant Controller Panel
X1 Tecktronics MTM400 Transport Stream Monitor Mpeg      
X2 Thales Amber DTV Procesor      
X1 Harmonic TRX-100-2000 TRX Millennium      
X1 MaxTech LRK-1100 1:1 Redundant LNA Controller      
X4 MaxTech LRC-1200 1:2 Redundancy Controller      
X2 MaxTech BRC-1101 1:1 Redundancy Controller
X1 MaxTech PS-1000/7/9 Block Down Converter      
X1 Enviromental Tech ADH-2A Computer Dehydrator
X9 Prodelin 0800-1362 1.2M Reflector      
X5 Prodelin 0800-3423 1.2M Feed Support      
X6 Prodelin 1.2M AZ/EL Mount      
X3 Prodelin 1241 4 Pc. VSAT antennas (NEW)      
X1 Unknown 101055 2.4M Class 3 AZ/EL Mount C/Ku Feed Support      
X1 Vertex 9.0M C-Band (can convert to Ku if needed)      
X1 Vertex 8.1M Ku      
X1 Vertex 3.8 Batwing Ku      
X1 RSI 5.5M Ku Band      
X1 RSI 9.2M C-Band      
X1 Andrew 4.6M Cor Ku or DBS band      
X1 Andrew 7.3 C-Band fully outfitted with 3000 control system      
X1 AVL .96 Ku Auto Deploy      
X1 AVL 1.2M Ku Auto Deploy      
X13 GD sat 1.2M Rugged Deploy flyaway w/ flight cases (NEW)      
X1 SeaTel 24" Coastal DBS (NEW)      
X2 Sea Tel 24" Coastal DBS (USED)      
X1 SeaTel 30" Ku w/ 8 Watt      
X2 SeaTel 40" Ku w/ 8 Watt      
X1 SeaTel 50" Ku w/ 8 Watt      
X1 SeaTel 2.4M C-Band w/ 60 Watt (lightly used)      
X1 Tiernan HE 4000 purecoder HD/SD mpeg2 encoder      
X1 Tiernan TE6 MPEG2 4:2:2 encoder      
X1 CPI VZU-6994AP 400 Watt Ku Band TWTA      
X1 ETL Systems M0808D2UFL-B5-E L-Band Matrix

Please contact us at if you are looking to buy or sell new or used satellite communication equipment.

Thank you and we appreciate your business!

Neil Thomas
Satcom Resellers
10 Fairway Drive, suite 212
Deerfield Beach, FL 33441
Office: 954-974-7335 X1
Direct Line: 954-794-7332
Mobile: 561-400-6356
Toll Free: 888-289-6356

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