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SATLINK WS-6906 meter

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Mar 7th, 2017 at 8:26pm  
Just bought a SATLINK WS-6906 sat finder and it does not have the US Direct tv satellites listed for the US. I did the firmware update for the US and still no direct tv satellites listed. Do I have to manually list the satellites myself or should the firmware update list them? I connected the meter to my direct cable through a splitter with a blocker to the meter and still does not indicate a received signal. Any help would be appreciated. Ed
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Reply #1 - Mar 8th, 2017 at 10:20am  
Given the popularity of DirecTV service I'm surprised that such satellites are not listed.  Try looking in the list of satellites to see if you can find any marked as being at 99, 101, 103, 110 and 119 deg West, as these are DirecTV orbit locations. I updated my list of satellites on 11th Feb 2017: List of satellites

If nothing appears to work I suggest connecting  the meter (fully charged) directly to the LNB cable. Then the meter will be controlling the LNB, providing DC power, voltage option and 22kHz tone to the LNB.

If you are not pointed at a satellite you should adjust the gain to that you get some very small reading. Look for a tiny initial increase when you get nearby to your first found satellite. You may also get a very small increase if you point the beam at the ground or put a damp towel over the LNB.

If you get no change whatever, suspect a cable connection. The centre pin should be 1.5mm proud of the rim of the F connector and the pin should go smoothly into the socket and not push bank the cable when screwed in.  The outer braid must make good connection and there must be no fragments of braid wire shorting the outer to the inner.

Another satsig forum post on similar subject:
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