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I-Direct X5 CRC Errors

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Mar 30th, 2018 at 11:59pm  
Gentlemen hello,

Is it possible to tell from the rmtstat of the modem as below if the CRC errors are on the receive or transmit side?

Remote Status: t:000180811666 SNR=14.30 TxPower=-16.50 dBm RxSignalPower=-35.53 dBm Temp=36.25 COF= 16739 TDM(NCR)_Lost=589 PL_Lost=1433 LocalFOCorrection = 6473 FastFadeCorrection = 10614 FllDac=33095
CRC8Errors = 14 CRC32Errors = 3 Digital AGC Gain=503
Clock Delta Count=78
Network ID =1



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