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A lot of VSAT equipment for SALE. Full list in topic

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Dec 19th, 2018 at 9:34am  
Welcome, I'm from company located in Poland. We have a lot of different satellite equipment on sale. Below this message you can find it all. Feel free to contact me here or by mail:

Full list:

  • 1,2m dish by Prodelin with montage
  • 1,2m dishs by Andrew with montage
  • 1,8m dishs with montage
  • 2,4m dishs with montage
  • 1m radiolink

  • Complete sets of iDirect X1 modems with universal LNBs and 3W universal BUCs
  • iDirect 3100 modems
  • iDirect X5

  • NJT5037F 3W
  • NJT5017FL 4W
  • AN7001 by Anatel 4W
  • NJT5018 8W

  • LNB ZK-PE2
  • LNB2536H
  • LNB2536S
  • LNB2636E
  • LNB2637E
  • LNB2744hh
  • LNB2784H
  • LNB2835S
  • LNB2836H
  • LNB2836S
  • LNB2837H
  • LNB2837S
  • LNB2936E
  • LNB Ku Band PLL ln1392
  • LNB Ku Band PLL ln1320
  • Norsat CBAND PLL LNB

Other equipment:
  • Miteq UC
  • Miteq switch
  • APC KVM Switch
  • Decoder Tanberg TT6120
  • Radyne DMD-20 ETHERNET-50 card
  • Peak P7000
  • Peak TR1000L
  • Radyne DVB-3030
  • HP 8481D Power Sensor
  • XIPLINK XA-500
  • Maxtech PKM-1420/N
  • LANEX converter
  • Anatel Skyedge modem
  • Divicom Mediaview
  • Iridium 9555 Satelitte Phone
  • Maxtech Lk-1200 Series equipment
  • Waveguide switch

Hope you will find something for you!
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