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May 10th, 2019 at 9:11am  
Probecom 1.8M Carbon fiber portable offset-feed flyaway antenna is Probecom’s latest R&D products, have two types drive mode: manual mode and auto-tracking mode, antenna integrated C, Ku, Ka & X band frequency feed system. With compact structure design, antenna realized with portable and easy to install & operate. Carbon fiber reflector material makes antenna with light weight, high precision & efficiency, corrosion resistance, etc. With developed manufacture and strict test environment, ensured antenna can operate under harsh environment.
      Single Offset Antenna
      Azimuth & elevation turntable
      Portable case
      Compass& leveling
      Simple manual or auto-tracking satellite acquisition
      Waterproof and rugged design for harsh environments
      Light weight, Portable cases for ease transportation
      High performance carbon fiber segmented antenna
      Fast acquisition
      Support C, Ku, Ka & X-band (both manual & auto-tracking)
      Set up time less than 5 minutes

      Public emergency events, all kinds of disasters on-site information gathering Disaster relief.
      Public security, military, government, oil, water conservancy, electricity, finance and other important sectors of the country.
      The remote areas, the vast rural areas out of coverage.
      Field operations, explorations, military police and news media.

With strict screening and testing Probecom has successfully developed various models to meet customers` requirements. Include:
0.55m Ku Band Manual Flyaway Antenna      Ku band.
0.75m Ku Band Manual Flyaway Antenna      Ku Band, Ka Band.
0.75m Ku Band Manual Flyaway Antenna      Ku Band
1.0m Ka Band Auto-tracking Flyaway Antenna  Ka Band
1.0m Ku/Ka Band Manual Flyaway Antenna    Ku Band, Ka Band
1.0m Ku Band Manual Flyaway Antenna       Ku Band
1.2m Ku Band Manual Flyaway Antenna       Ex C Band, Ku Band
1.2m Fiber Glass Manual Flayway antenna     Extend C Band, Extend Ku Band
1.2m Ku Band Motorized Flyaway Antenna     Ku Band
1.2m C/Ku Band Manual Flyaway Antenna     Extend C Band, Extend Ku Band
1.8m Fiber Glass Manual Flyaway Antenna     Extend C Band, Extend Ku Band
1.8m Carbon Fiber Manual Flayway Antenna   Extend C Band

Carbon fiber manual flyaway antenna: 0.55m,0.75m,1.0m,1.2m,1.8m,2.4,
Carbon fiber automatic portable antenna: 1.0m, 1.2m.
Fiber glass manual flyaway antenna: 1.2m, 1.8m
Ka band carbon fiber flyaway antenna 0.75m, 1.0m, 1.2m.

Compared with others, our fly antenna win at low cost and high efficiency, should you have any requirement please feel free to contact at: or follow us at or SNS links:

1、 LinkedIn:
2、 Face book:
3、 Twitter:
4、 E-mail address:
5、 Website: website url deleted or

Welcome to know Probecom earth/ground station antenna just one click away.

3.0m VSAT Antenna/3.7m VSAT Antenna/ 4.5m VSAT Antenna/6.2m Earth station antenna
7.3m Earth station antenna/9.0m Earth station antenna/11.3m Earth station antennas
1.0m Flyaway antenna/1.2m Flyaway antenna/4.5m TVRO antenna/6.2m RXO antenna
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