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Clearance - Liquidation of Teleport RF Equipment

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May 31st, 2019 at 4:44pm  
Satcom Solutions Inc, - New and Used Satellite Equipment List

Everybody knows that used satellite equipment will be cheaper than new gear, and so the two major questions you must ask of your supplier, does it work and will you stand behind it?

Before answering the question on behalf of my company, I would like to explain our guarantee.

If you ever receive equipment that fails during the warranty period, we pay to have it returned to us, we test and repair it and pay the cost of returning it to you.

This procedure removes any profit that we may have made on the sale, and so you can be very certain that we are confident our our equipment before we ship it.

It is impossible to always stock the exact piece of satellite equipment that the client needs, when this happens we talk to a few of the manufacturers to find out
if they can supply the same item brand new, but quickly and discounted. We have good relations with Alga, Agilis and Advantech and make these three our first choices.

Explore our inventory lists

The following satellite equipment is in stock for sale, and was removed from a fully operational world class Teleport

Vertex TRK-14 Tracking Receiver
Vertex TRL-1S Tracking Receiver
Andrew APC-100 Antenna Controller
Andrew APC-300 Antenna Controller
Vertex 7134 Antenna Controller
ETS AC3000 Antenna Controller
Advantech 60W C-Band Rack-mounted SSPA
CPI VZC6962E2 200W C-Band TWTA
CPI VZC-6964A4 400W C-Band TWTA
Tampa Microwave LTT-13050-1RU
Mico Phase MP-2030S Option 20 Down Converter
Mico Phase MP-9060 C Band Up Converter
Satellite Systems Corporation Down Converter
STS D17786 Down-link Polarization Switch
Miteq 131846-21 Uplink Power Control Unit
(1 channel installed out of 10 slots)
Miteq 131846-21 Uplink Power Control Unit
(3 channel installed out of 10 slots)
Miteq 1:1 Switch-over Unit
Miteq NSU1-S50/S50 1:1 Redundancy Switch
Miteq NSU1-S50 1:1 Redundancy Switch
Miteq NSU1-B75/S50 1:1 Redundancy Switch
X2 Miteq UPB-1B-14.125GHz Up Converter
X5 Miteq U-9956-6-1K Ku-Band Up-converter
X2 Miteq U-9696 Ku-Band Up-Converter
X3 Miteq U-9456-3 Ku-Band Up-Converter
X2 Miteq D-9404-3 Ku-Band Down-converter
Locus APC-100 1:1 Controller
L3 Communications 016827-3 Test Translator
LNR IF Attenuator
X5 LNR V2200 Dual Up/Down-Converter
(Dual Power Supplies installed)
X5 LNR C-Band Up-converter
X3 LNR C-Band Down-converter
LNR LNA Redundancy Controller
(Modified for -28V Waveguide Switches)
X3 LNR LNA Redundancy Controller
X2 Specialty Microwave 1:4 Protection Switch For HPAs
X1 Specialty Microwave 1:2 Protection Switch For HPAs
X3 Specialty Microwave 1:1 Protection Switch For HPAs
(Only ports are 1 DB25 and 1 DB15
X4 Specialty Microwave 1:1 Protection Switch
(DB25 and DB 15 only)
X2 Specialty Microwave 1:1 Protection Switch
DB9 and DB15 only
Radyne DVB-3000 Digital Video Modulator
X4 Radyne RCU101 1:1 Switch
(Converter Switch)
X4 Raydyne SFC4200 C-Band Down-converter
X6 Raydyne SFC6400 C-Band Up-converter
Comtech SCS-601 1:1 Up-converter Switch
Comtech SCS-401 1:1 Down Converter Switch
Comtech SMS-7000 M:N Switch (Modem Switch)
X2 Comtech M-2000 Multiplexer
X2 Comtech SDC-400 C-Band Down-converter
X2 Comtech SDC-600 C-Band Up-converter
X3 Comtech DT-4503 C-Band Down-converter
X2 Comtech UT-4505 C-Band Up-converter
X5 Comtech CDM-710 Symbol Rate =
45MBPS, QPSK only, ASI Input Modem only

Satcom Solutions Inc, is a wholesaler for all communication equipment; we specialize in Acquisitions, of Earth Stations,
Teleports, Data Centers and Asset Removal for Government, Commercial and Fortune 500 Companies.

Please contact for pricing, test data sheet, specs and photos.
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