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About Satcom Solutions Inc.

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Feb 28th, 2020 at 1:42pm  
Satcom Resellers specializes in selling new and used satellite communications equipment. With an emphasis on equipment, we sell complete systems, parts, and engineer end-to-end solutions. We take a systems approach to everything when it comes to Satcom Equipment, RF Electronics, Earth Station Antennas, ESA upgrades and conversion, Feed Conversions. If you need it, we have it and if we don’t have it, then you don’t need it.

We were one of the first companies in South Florida to buy and sell new and used telecom equipment back in the late 70's when the internet did not exsists. As Entrepreneurs it lead us into the Call back business and then owning and operating a Teleport in the early 90's in Miami Beach Florida. The NOC consisted of two 13 meters, two 9.3 meters and a 4.5, all C-Band frequency and provided SCPC services and Voice over IP into Africa, South and Central America and parts of the Carribean. At the same time we had customer looking for hardware and at that time hardware and bandwidth suppliers were separate, leaving customers to work with two separate companies for the complete solution. We felt that we could do better job so operations started in the year 2000 as a reseller / wholesaler for new, used and refurbished satellite communication equipment.
New & Used Satellite Equipment Sales - Our core business

Our early goal was to be the one-stop shop that would configure, sell, install and then operate the circuit for the client. We never really intended to get into the new and used equipment business, but we fell into it, because our customers were often in trouble.

When we sold a new VSAT package we tried to persuade the client to buy redundancy, sometimes they did, most times they didn’t. So when their transceiver crashed, they found an eight week delivery cycle for a replacement, and a pile of money. It was the delay more than the cost that hurt the VSAT operator, if they were down for more than a week, all of their customers would move somewhere else.

More by luck than planning we had spare equipment at our teleport, half the price of new equipment and shipping the same week solved two major problems for our clients. Twenty years later, with three full time sales people, plus two highly qualified engineers in testing and repair we are still growing.

Thank you and we appreciate your business!


Satcom Solutions Inc.
Tel: +954-794-7332 | M: +732-810-9919


We also have in stock, Amplifiers, Vsat Antennas, Earth Station Antennas, Accessories, BUC, and Accessories, Converters, Frequency Converters,
Elliptical Waveguide, Flex Waveguide and Coaxial Cables, IP Equipment, LNA/LNBs, Modems, Test Equipment, Video Equipment, Encoders, Modulators" and so much more.

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