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Eutelsat Acceptance Test : Dolph Microwave 3.7 Meter Earth Station Antenna Delivery and Test

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Dolph Microwave Co.,Ltd.

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Aug 28th, 2020 at 8:51am  
DH 3.7m ESA Antenna Systems has finished delivery and test for customer, which is for satellite broadcast TV receive and transit services. Dolph Microwave also offered Tx transmit waveguide kits and RF device besides antenna.


DH 3.7 Meter DR C-band Antenna

It uses Eutelsat satellite as signal transfer, who has strict requirement of side lobes, far side lobes and cross-polarization isolation. Antenna manufacturing accuracy and errors must be very critical. Otherwise it will be useless.

Reflector manufacture technology and positioning pin are unique design, which assures high accuracy of antenna reflector and electrical performance after reassemble to guarantee antenna compliance with Eutelsat approval requirement.


Device included in this project as following:

Dolph Microwave 3.7 Meter Earth Station Antenna with a semi-automatic pointing controller and an additional satellite antenna controller.
1:1 200W C-band SSPA redundant from Algal Microwave.
Norsat LNB and receive components.
Comtech satellite modem.
Dolph Microwave TX waveguide integration from Hub to across upper Az axis including rigid/flexible waveguide, crossguide coupler, high power termination etc.
All device in this system is high stability and easy maintenance to improve reliability and high quality service.

Dolph Microwave eager to offer stable device for cooperator. Lead time is adjustable based on production schedule. Highly qualified engineers guarantees company’s work on schedule, and technical support is provided in 24/7.
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