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Advertising experiment on satsig.net

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Jan 6th, 2021 at 10:49am  
I have had two image self-advertising adverts at the top of all these forum pages for several years which, if clicked upon, link to pages on this web site which I hope will be of interest to visitors.

I have been approached by Infolinks who want to advertise here and am experimenting with the javascript code which needs to be embedded in the forum pages.

As an experiment I have added their ad code to all these forum pages and also to one static page to see if and how it works.

Please tell me if you see any adverts superimposed on these forum pages.

In addition to these forum pages I have added the code to this page:


I think it is supposed to display an advert box towards the right, which may initally move across the screen.

I have not seen any ads yet.

Any feedback to me eric@satsig.net about these adverts (if seen) would be appreciated

This satsig.net web site is very much a non-profit effort, despite some Google adverts, so some more advertising income would be welcome!

Thanks, Eric
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