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RF over Fibre - transmitter and receiver

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Sep 13th, 2021 at 5:52pm  
RF over fibre involves laser light at the transmit end being amplitude modulated by an RF signal spectrum (maybe 10 MHz to 20 GHz) and then sent many km to a laser receiver which converts the modulater laser light back to RF signals.

In satellite communications, including the distribution of satellite TV to households, RF over fibre is now widely used to connect from the LNB at the antenna to the indoor equipment, possibly many km away.   

EMP-Centauri are a company selling such RF over fibre equipment.

For example, a satellite TV dish with a Quattro LNB outputs 4 coax cabels (each 950 - 2150 MHz).

A good example application is a Satellite TV headend serving several blocks of multiple dwelling houses.

At the Headend, each satellite TV receive dish, has a Quattro LNB with 4 coax output cables (each 950 - 2150 MHz).
With perhaps 3 satellite dishes, plus a terrestrial antenna (40 - 862 MHz), the problem is to distribute all the signals to all households over significant distances.

An optic fibre is used.

The multiple coax signals are modulated onto laser light and sent down a single monomode optic fibre. Once in the fibre the optic signal may be split and sent down single fibres physically cabled to each block of dwelling houses.

At each block of dwelling houses the optic signal connects into an RF over fibre receiver which then outputs 13 coax cables to the customers using conventional multiswitches etc.

Example equipment:

OT14/1FED-4 is coaxial-to-fiber converter
(optical transmitter) for 12 satellite inputs
and one terrestrial input. In addition it allows passage of gigabit GPON/EPON data.
It is powered from 12V power supply (included in package) and passes power also
to connected Quattro LNBs. For optical connection a single mode fiber is

OR1/14FUD-4 is fiber-to-coaxial converter (optical receiver) providing 12 satellite outputs and one terrestrial output.
In addition it allows passage of gigabit GPON/EPON data.
It is powered from connected multiswitch or from external power supply.

Spec: 12 x SAT 950 -2150 MHz plus 1x TERR 40 - 862 MHz

The above pair of devices are just examples. There are many options with different nymbers of inputs/outputs.

For more info contact EMP-Centauri at Klatovy - Czech Republic.

Phone: +420 376 323 813

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