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Satellite internet for RVs, caravans and campervans

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May 25th, 2022 at 10:42am  
New Starlink service for RVs, caravans and campervans

Starlink, the low earth orbit satellite network, has started service for RVs, campervans and similar, so if you are off on your summer holidays you can still get your high speed internet connection when parked up at your campgrounds.  The service is not intended for use while driving ! Compared with regular VSAT services, for RV use, one big advantage is there is no need for a large pointable dish with complicated pointing set up every time you move to a new site. The low latency (short delay) on an internet web site response is a unique selling point for low earth orbit systems.

Service availability is shown on the "Starlink Availability Map" See:

Things are looking good for people in Spain, France, Germany, Italy etc so check out the map for wherever you plan to go.

In the areas shown in light blue "Available" you can expect the normal high speed, low latency internet access. In the darker blue "Waitlist" areas fixed residential users are being given priority and lower bit rates are to be expected, especially during busy hours or if multiple RVs are operating simultaneously in a locality, thus sharing the same satellite capacity.

Read lots more here  If I understand correctly, you can activate and deactivate your service (called pausing) in monthly blocks so you are not paying for service over the winter, when your caravan is parked up at home.

If you are ready to order go straight to the Starlink home page:

I would welcome feedback from users, so if you have one of these terminals please register in this forum and write about your experience.

Best regards, Eric
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