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Help please with iDirect transmit problem

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YaBB Admin

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Aug 31st, 2022 at 4:43pm  
Put here by forum admin. Please reply here if possible or by email to me and I will forward.

I work at a hospital in East Africa. About a month ago our internet stopped working. We have ku band through satadsl with isatAfrica as the operator. I have pretty good rx SNR normally 13.5 to 14.5 dBm. problem seems to be on the tx side. idirect x1 modem shows yellow flashing tx green flashing net.

I have tried to troubleshoot everything I can think of. I have tried 4 different bucs. swapped rx/tx and both get good SNR. I have used different cables. I ran an extension power lead out to the dish and connected the modem with just a short stub coax cable. I have tried two different x1 modems, and I am now using an x3 modem. X3 modem shows all green leds with net led flashing. I am including a full dump from the terminal output of the x3.

When I connected the x3 after about 15 minutes it entered the network, but I never got internet. After a reboot it did not enter the network again. I can see from the terminal output that btp mismatch is high and continues to increment. noc says " issue with installation at site, it wont join with poor TX , the NMS hasĀ  minimala threshhold value to allow site to join, as explaine earlier theĀ  CW is only seen when i transit at 0 tx power, and the carrier is too low"

All they keep saying is check tx path. The parts I have used to replace other parts are all used, as getting anything new here takes weeks, but most came from known working systems, and I have tried multiples, so I figure the odds of all having the same issue are at least low.

At this point I just don't know what else to try. Could the feedhorn or dish be the issue? There is no obvious damage or water. see photos.

Really appreciate any help. We have really struggled without internet. I have spent a stupid amount of time trying to troubleshoot this. I am not an IT guy. I am currently trying to build a new wing of the hospital while working on this so I can't afford to spend all my time troubleshooting.
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Nimrod Kapon

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Reply #1 - Sep 7th, 2022 at 7:42pm  
It sounds like a tricky one!

I think there are two different problems.
One with the X1 chain and other with the X3.

The X3 - sound like a recovery procedure might help. Also there might be some kind of mismatch at the hub...if they didnt replace the X1 with the X3 etc.

About the X1 - did you try to transmit a CW? If so, could they see it?
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