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Newly launched - 1.8m X-Y Optical Remote Sensing Antenna System

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Antesky Vicky

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Mar 13th, 2023 at 9:12am  
Generally, the deployable optical remote sensing antenna with X/Y type pedestal on the market have a variety of sizes ranging from 30 cm to several meters, and these antenna systems can support single-band and multi-band from L-band to Q-band. Today we introduce Antesky 1.8m S-band deployable optical remote sensing antenna.
This Antesky newly launched 1.8m X-Y deployable remote sensing antenna system adopts X-Y pedestal, which eliminates the keyhole at zenith and backlash problems compared with traditional AZ/EL pedestal of the tracking antenna. It is to track LEO and MEO satellites.
Features of Antesky 1.8m X-Y deployable remote sensing antenna system

The key components of the antenna are made of carbon fiber composite material, which has stable performance and light weight.No need to heat the dish to avoid expansion and contraction as temperatures change; greater gain performance over an aluminum dish, especially at the higher Ka-band through V-band ranges. Heated reflectors for ice and snow removal are available.
The antenna adopts the feed-forward feed, which has the advantages of high gain, low sidelobe, and high efficiency.
The antenna adopts program guidance and automatic tracking.
The antenna system is equipped with GPS equipment, which can provide accurate time and terminal location, with a pointing accuracy of less than 0.1 degrees.
The sophisticated antenna design does not require a lot of maintenance than a fixed ground station.It also offers deployable antennas that can pack into a set of flight cases, which are well-suited for temporary and military applications.
Environmental Resilience: System designed for operation in coastal, arctic, and desert environments.
Technical Specification of Antesky 1.8m X-Y deployable remote sensing antenna system


Operating Frequency. Ghz      S-band
Receive      Transmit
2.025~2.12      2.2~2.3
Gain, Mid-band, dBi      ≥27.5+20lg (f/2.075)      ≥28+20lg (f/2.25)
Polarization      Circular
First Sidelobes      -14dB

Antenna Diameter      1.8m
Turntable pedestal      X-Y pedestal
Panel material      Carbon Fiber
Antenna rotate range      X axis: ±90°; Y axis: ±90°
Antenna rotate speed      X axis:0.05°-5°/s; Y axis: 0.05°-5°/s

Working temperature      – 40°  ~+60°
Storage temperature      – 50°  ~+70°
Protection level      IP65
Power supply      220V AC±10%; 50Hz±2Hz
If you are looking for such deployable flyaway antenna, welcome to contact with Antesky for further details. Also, we have fixed ground station and vehicle-mounted antennas available in regular stock. Please send us your requirement via
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