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Upgraded 1.2m Ka-band Flyaway Antenna with best price

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Antesky Vicky

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May 25th, 2023 at 4:30am  

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As we mentioned in the introduction of Ka-band, which is a band in the with a frequency range of 26.5-40 GHz, between super-high frequency (SHF) and extremely high frequency (EHF). Compared with traditional satellite communication frequency bands such as S, C, Ku and X band etc, the Ka-band is with high throughput, and can match small size of terminal equipment, but with a heavy rain fade.

Here today, we are mainly focus on matched small-aperture antenna, that is our Antesky newly launched 1.2m Ka-band flyaway antenna.  As you can see that Antesky 1.2m ka-band flyaway antenna has mature technology and is very popular in the market. As an emergency communication device, it has the characteristics of light weight, easy portability and good electrical performance.

Compared with conventional C and Ku band portable station antenna, the Ka portable station antenna structure and performance have been optimized and upgraded as well.


System Features of 1.2m Ka-band Flyaway Antenna
1. Single reflectorwith offset feed mounted on feed bracket;
2. Light weight and portability : 6petals of carbon fiber panels packed in a bag;
3. Optimized structure with easy disassembly and assemblyof Az and El turntable, 3 pcs of support legs etc, and one person can assemble within 5 minutes.

Product name:1.2m Ka band manual flyaway antenna
Feed type:      Offset
Pol. type:Circular
Frequency Ka      
Rx.: 17.70~21.20GHz;Tx.: 27.50~31.00GHz      
Gain      Rx.: ≥45.2+20lg(f/20.40)dB
     Tx.: ≥48.5+20lg(f/30.00)dB
Axis ratio:      ≤ 2 dB      
VSWR: Rx.: ≤1.5;Tx.: ≤1.5
Port isolation: Rx-Tx: ≥ 85 dB( LNA input port)      
Tx-Rx: ≥ 30 dB( BUC output port)      
First sidelobe:      ≤ -14 dB
Travel range:Az      360°      ; El      0°~90°      
RF interface: Rx: WR42; Tx: WR28
Power capability      ≤1000W
Temperature:-40°C~+60 °C      
Storage temperature:      -50°C~+70 °C      
Operational wind:11 m/s (ballast)
Survival wind:18 m/s (ballast)
Humidity:      ≤95%(20 °C)
Protection level      : IP 65
System weight      :≤ 25 Kg(not including power amplifier, LNB, packing and accessories)
Except for 1.2m ka-band flyaway antenna, Antesky also has 1.8m ka-band flyaway antenna which is one of popular items too. You can check our 12 sets of 1.8m ka band flyaway antennas shipped to European country. If interested in this item, please contact our team to find more at
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