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New and Upgraded Antesky Antenna De-ice System on Sale

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Antesky Vicky

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Feb 29th, 2024 at 1:58am  
As we all know that satellite antenna deice system is an important component of satellite communication systems, particularly those that operate in cold and icy weather conditions. This system helps prevent the buildup of ice on the antenna, which can negatively impact the quality and reliability of the satellite signal.

1.Why satellite antenna de–ice system is important?

The satellite antenna is a critical component of a satellite communication system, as it is responsible for transmitting and receiving signals to and from the satellite. Ice buildup on the antenna can impact the quality and reliability of the signal, leading to poor communication and potentially hazardous situations. Moreover, ice can add weight to the antenna, which can cause stress and damage to the structure. A satellite antenna deice system helps prevent these issues by breaking up any ice buildup that may occur.

In previous article, we listed and compared the effects for various methods of removing ice on antenna panels on our website. Generally, people remove ice by manual operation including snow rakes and other tools to remove snow directly on surface by sweeping, shoveling, etc. Many satellite stations use the flushing method to clean the snow on the antenna as well. While, the water gun with large water pressure, which may damage to the antenna feed film and will affect the uplink transmission. With the technology develops, the electrothermal film snow melting method is commonly used, which adopts the latest heating materials and temperature control technology, and can monitor the environmental conditions around the antenna in real time. When the system detects that there is snow or ice on the antenna surface, the system can start up quickly, so that the snow or thin ice on the antenna surface melts quickly and is suitable for long-term operation, and the system has a pre-heating function too. Today, in this blog, we will mainly discuss the importance of satellite antenna deice system, and how antesky satellite antenna deice system works, especially our de-ice system’s upgrades in recent years.

2. Product componentsintroduction of Antesky Antenna De-ice System

This system is mainly used for heating reflector of parabolic antenna and removing snow from antenna feed. Ensure that transmitting and receiving performance of antenna is not affected by snow, icing and other phenomena.

Antesky De-ice System is mainly composed of deicing control unit, outdoor cable hub, reflector heating unit and related accessories, please refer the below Figure 1. And we have done some product upgrades to make the product more efficient during icing removing.Antesky de-ice system components
Figure 1 Product Components of Antesky De-ice System
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2.1 Product features of Antesky Antenna De-ice System

Replacement and maintenance of the heating unit are very convenientin-site installation. It can be constructed when antenna is already installed without affecting operation of entire system.
It can realize remote control, and distance between controller and antenna can reach 150 meters.
Work independently in sub-sections, any failure in any one section will not affect functioning of other sections.
System is working in multi-zone round-robin mode, suitable for high-power loads.
Load and sensor fault alarm can be realized to alarm the abnormal working state of load and sensor.
Diversified working modes, providing automatic, semi-automatic, and emergency manual working modes.
Feed deicing function which can realize control of a subsystem for feed deicing.
Remote computer monitoring system draws temperature curve of each section in real time, and user can store information on a regular basis.
Even heating on reflector surface especially for smaller side of reflector petals, it is easy to accumulate high temperature, which ensures deicing efficiency.
2.2 Product upgrades highlights of Antesky Antenna De-ice System

As the listed some kinds of ice removing methods and the differences between them. We recommend the electric heating film method for satellite antenna de-ice, which can quickly melt the snow, and allow the snow water to be drained cleanly from the drainage holes, and there is no attenuation of the signal.

Deicing control unit is an indoor device and can be installed on standard 19-inch rack. Reflector heating unit is mainly composed of heating material, heat conduction layer, heat preservation layer and waterproof layer, and in winter, it can effectively keep warm and prevent water from seepage. The outdoor cable hub is mainly composed of outdoor waterproof wiring box and auxiliary materials, which can help to centralize cables for reflector heating and lead them into equipment room. This time, Antesky focus on mainly 2 points to make some upgrade to the de-ice system to make melting much more efficient.

Heating films is easy to install and replace
Usually the old de-ice system heating units need to put some glue on the antenna reflector, which is not easy for the installer, now Antesky made some improvement and no glue required, which is easier to install. Below Figures are panels with electrical films stick before leaving our factory. Client just need to operate de-ice system directly on their site, which will save much time and improve efficiency.

heating film of Antesky De-ice System

Heating films of Antesky De-ice System
3.7m antenna panels installed with Antesky De-ice System
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Figure 2 3.7m antenna panels with electrical films stick before leaving our factory

Duckbill shaped air outlet
Duckbill shaped air outlet of Antesky De-ice SystemDuckbill shaped air outletair ouelet of Antesky De-ice System
Figure 3 Diagram of newly upgraded duckbill air outlet
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As can be seen from the above Figure 3 , we designed this duckbill air outlet with wider outlet area, which will concentrate the wind from the outlet to feed directly, greatly enhancing the dehumidification effect on the feed. Also it is made of stainless steel material with strong resistant to corrosion and more durable, compared to the old version of plastic one.

In conclusion, satellite antenna deice system is a critical component of satellite communication systems. It helps prevent ice buildup on the antenna, which can negatively impact the quality and reliability of the satellite signal. By understanding the importance of this system and the types available, satellite operators can choose the best option for their needs and ensure safe and reliable operation in cold and icy weather conditions. We had shipped 16 sets of 2.4m antenna installed de-ice system to Middle East in February. Later we will share you more photos when client finished antenna installation in their site. Welcome to talk with us if you are interested in this de-ice system as well. You can send us emails via or WhatsApp us directly. Thanks!
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