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Newly 4.5 Meter C & Ku Dual-Band Satellite Antenna

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Antesky Vicky

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Apr 10th, 2024 at 3:19am  
Along with broadcasting and Internet access, satellite communications have transformed the way of global connectivity, enabling seamless communication over long distances. As one of the basic components of the satellite communication system, the satellite antenna is responsible for transmitting and receiving signals to satellites in space.

Previously, we had shipped one set of 7.3M C/KU Dual bands receive only antenna to Europe and the antenna operates well with local network until now. In this article, we will explore the excellent performance and advantages of the newly updated 4.5m C & Ku Dual Band Satellite Antenna.

1. What is satelliteantennas?

Before going into the details of the 4.5m C & Ku dual band satellite antenna, first let us briefly discuss the basics of a satellite antenna. Satellite dishes are parabolic reflectors used to focus and direct electromagnetic signals toward or from specific points in space. The size of an antenna is a key factor affecting its performance, with larger antennas generally providing higher gain and better signal quality.

It has to be said that C&Ku dual-frequency technology is a major improvement in satellite communications. General satellite dishes usually work in a single frequency band, but with dual-band technology, one antenna can now cover both C and Ku bands. The C-band operates in 3.4 to 4.2 GHz, while the Ku-band operates in 10.95 to 12.75 GHz. This dual-band capability ensures flexibility and adaptability to changing communication needs, making these antennas more versatile and cost-effective. Below is the technical specification and diagram of 4.5m C & Ku dual band satellite antenna for reference.



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4.5-meter C/Ku dual-band antenna is composed by antenna structure system, antenna feed system, antenna control system and RF system

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2.2 Technical specification of 4.5m C/Ku band antenna
2.2.1 General parameter
1) Antenna type:
Parabolic antenna
2)Pedestal type:
AZ-EL Semi-turntable/turntable optional
3)Tracking mode:
Program tracking, step tracking and manual
4)Shaft angular position accuracy: ≤0.01°
5)Power supply:
AC 380V±10%; 50Hz
220V±10%; 50Hz
2.2.2 Mechanism performance
1) Main reflector diameter: 4.5m
2) Antenna rotation range:
Elevation: 0°~90° continuous
Azimuth: 180°±170° continuous
Polarization: ±90° continuous
3)Drive mode:
AZ/EL/POL Motorized
4)Max. Rotate speed:
AZ≥1º/s; EL≥0.1º/s
2.2.3 Servo performance
1) Display accuracy:
AZ/EL 0.01°, polarization 0.1°
2)Display range:
Azimuth: 0.00°~359.99° , Elevation: 0.00°~89.99°
3)Working mode:
Manual, pointing, position preset, step/program tracking, standby
4)Pointing accuracy: ≤0.1°
2.2.4 Electrical performance
1) Feed working frequency band: 3.4~4.2GHz
2) Antenna gain: ≥41+20lg(f/4GHz)dBi
3) Antenna system G/T value: ≥18+20lg(f/4)dB/K (El≥5º, sunny day and breeze)
4) Polarization: double circular polarization, left and right rotation can be electrically switched
5) Feed VSWR: ≤1.5:1
6) Circular polarization axial ratio: ≤0.75dB
7) LNB input frequency: 3.4~4.2GHz
8) LNB output frequency: 950-1750MHz
9) LNB noise temperature: 40K
10) LNB gain: 60dB
11) LNB output interface: N-50K
1)Feed working frequency band: 10.95~12.75 GHz
2)Gain: ≥51+20lg (f/12.2) dBi
3) Antenna system G/T value: ≥28.5+20lg(f/12.2 GHz)dB/K (El≥5º, sunny day and breeze)
4) Feed VSWR: ≤1.5:1
5) Polarization mode: linear polarization, vertical and horizontal electrical switching
6) LNB input frequency: 10.95~12.75 GHz
7) LNB output frequency: 950-1850MHz
8) LNB noise temperature: 75K
9)LNB gain: 60dB
10) LNB output interface: N-50K
2.2.5 Environment condition
1) Working temperature:
Outdoor: -40℃~+60℃,
Indoor: 0℃~+30℃
2) Working humidity: 0~100%
3) Wind resistance:
Steady wind 20.8m/s, gust 27m/s, normal work
Collection wind speed 35m/s
When the wind is 55m/s, the antenna will not be damaged in the locked zenith position
6) Rain and snow resistance:
Snowfall: 60mm thick
Also, Antesky can offer customized dual band or tri-band antennas like 4.2m S/X band X-Y pedestal antenna, 6.2m X/KA band antenna and other dual bands including 11.3m C&L band antenna as per client request.
The 4.5-meter C & Ku dual-band satellite antenna represents a remarkable milestone in the satellite communication industry. Its wide coverage area, high gain, and dual-band capability make it a preferred choice for various critical applications, from telecommunication and broadcasting to internet access in remote areas. As technology continues to evolve, we can expect even more exciting developments in satellite communication, further improving our interconnected world. The future is bright for satellite communication, and the 4.5-meter dual-band antenna is at the forefront of this exciting journey towards a more connected future. If you are interested in this product, welcome to contact Antesky via
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