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Apex Broadband offer iDirect and LinkStar VSAT services in Asiasat and NSS satellite beam coverages as shown below:

Business grade satellite Internet solutions for Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.  Check prices with Tony Waters at his web site link below.

Asiasat 4 satellite coverage from 122 east
Asiasat 4 satellite at 122 deg east.
C band coverage ( iDirect service )
Ku band East Asia Beam coverage
Ku band South East Asia Beam coverage
Ku band Australia and New Zealand Beam coverage (ViaSat LinkStar service )

Both the iDirect and LinkStar VSAT hubs are in Hong Kong. SCPC services are available within Australia.

NSS 6 Australia Ku-band Spot beam
NSS6 satellite at 95 deg east.
Coverage: Australia Ku spot beam, ( iDirect Netmodem service) in Ku band

NSS 5 South-West C-Band zone beam
NewSkies NSS5 South West Zone beam covering Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, this is iDirect service in C band.

For iDirect or LinkStar operation in these satellite beams please contact:

 Tony Waters

    Mobile:+61 (0) 431 263 276

Email: t_c_r@bigpond.net.au

Tony Water's web site: Apex Broadband

Possible additional coverages.

Asiasat 2 satellite coverage from 100.5 east orbit longitude
Asiasat 2 satellite at 100.5 east orbit longitude.
C band coverage (black outline)
Ku band coverage (red outline)

Asiasat 3 satellite coverage from 105.5 east
Asiasat 3S satellite at 105.5 deg east orbit.
C band coverage (black outline)
Ku band East Asia Beam coverage
Ku band South East Asia Beam coverage
Ku band Steerable Beam coverage

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