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Satellite internet services are available for Africa, the Middle East and the Americas, from Juch-Tech Inc.

C & Ku band : Linkstar DVB-S2A + SCPC : iDirect

Juch-Tech Inc., located at the Hamilton Teleport in Ontario, Canada, has been offering two-way internet over satellite since October 2005 with a terrestrial internet backbone for the Teleport supported by a tier 1 connection.

Image of Hamilton Teleport in Ontario, Canada
Hamilton Teleport in Ontario, Canada

24 hours 7 days a week technical support is available from  to all customers, including Government offices, educational institutions, mining facilities manufacturing plants, large and small business.

For your complete communications solutions email or visit their web site for more information about internet services or mobile VoIP services.

C-band : Minimum System Requirements:
1.8m dish (at minimum); LNB (3.6 to 4.2 GHz frequency range); 2W BUC minimum, model NJT5667F or NJT5669F (also NJT5656 old and heavy unit could work). However, almost any BUC will work on our system as long as LO (Local Oscillator) is 4900 MHz; 30 m of cables; Modem : Linkstar Viasat DVB-S2A or iDirect. You need to align the antenna to NSS-10 satellite.

Ku-band : Minimum System Requirements:
1.2m dish (at minimum); LNB (10.9 to 11.7 GHz frequency range); 2W BUC minimum; 30 m of Viasat cables; Modem: Linkstar DVB-S2 or DVB-S2A Viasat RCST. You need to align the antenna to T11 satellite.

For more details : email:  Tel +1 (905) 573 9449 Fax +1 (905) 573 0055

Hamilton Teleport NOC +1 (905) 573 6556

Address: Hamilton Teleport, 50 Green Mountain Rd. West.  Stoney Creek, Ontario, L8J 2V5

NSS-10 satellite footprint
NSS-10 satellite coverage C band  (37.5 west orbit position).
Linkstar Viasat DVB-S2A or iDirect (modem).

Telstar 11N satellite footprint
Telstar 11N satellite Ku band. (37.5 west orbit position)
Linkstar S2 or S2A Viasat RCST (modem).

I have written this page at the request of Juch-Tech.  It is simply for your information and is not a paid-for advertisement.

Page started 13 July 2006, file name change and major amendments and update 25 Oct 2022.