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Tlalnepantla location at latitude and longitude (19N, 99W)

What city is located at 19 degrees north and 99 degrees west?  I've noticed that many people are coming to my web site looking for this information.

They typically go to a general purpose dynamic latitude longitude finder page and then drag the map around until the wanted lat-long coordinates are showing. Then they note the name of the town or city located there.

Unfortunately the Javascript dynamic maps API process costs me money to provide as Google maps (and similarly Mapbox).They have limits on their free usage and I have to pay after that. There is no practical way I have found to charge visitors 0.7p per visit.

Anyway here is the answer - a less expensive Google non-interactive static maps version costing me 0.2p per visit. I've tried Open Street Map but their maps do not show this Tlalnepantla, Morelos, Mexico. Exact lat / long decimal degree coordinates are 19.008866 North and -98.996633 West

Map of Tlalnepantla at 19 degrees north and 99 degrees west
Map of Tlalnepantla at 19.009 degrees north and 98.997 degrees west

This location is in Mexico.  I have no idea why there is so much interest. If you know please tell me and I will add the story here ericsatsig.net

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