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18th Dec 2005:

Hi:   Thanks for the great satellite finder. I was able to narrow down to a street away from mine and get my exact co-ordinates. I am in North America and have an elliptical dish that tracks two satellites - Echostar 110 and 119. A great feature to add in the future would be the ability to get skew angles when tracking two or more satellites. Dish cumbia has this feature ( gives you skew angle ) but does not give elevation and angle for the oval dish.

I noticed that  -deleted-  has the same satellite finder as yours right down to the accompanying text. I am not sure if this is authorised usage or not. You may want to check it out. [ they apologised and deleted it ]

Thanks again for the great utility.

18 Dec 2006

Hello Eric
I have been trying to find a site such as yours for weeks. I have been trying to get hold of more information about setting a satellite dish elevation. I have a caravan so roam around GB and Europe. Setting up the dish alignment is normally OK but sometimes it is the devil's own work. Hence, I thought if I knew my satellite dish elevation wherever I am, it would be a great start. This led to investigation on the internet. I eventually found some good information but I was not 100% about it all. After a while I suddenly thought lat/long and 'bingo' I found you! What a wonderful place to find exactly what I was looking for! Not only do I get the elevation for the satellite I use but I also get the azimuth and the polarisation! Thanks ever so much. I will certainly recommend your site. One suggestion is to have a web page heading such as 'Mobile Caravan Satellite Dish Alignment' that would get picked up on a Google search. Thanks again

12 Jan 2006

Please put cities name also to make it more user friendly.   Many thanks.

5 May 2006:

Hi Eric.
This is the most fantastic system I have ever seen. I even zoomed in on my
house satellite. Thanks a million.
Ontario, Canada

21 April 2007

Your page on finding your location on the map and then the lat/long of a given satellite is awesome.   Fantastic

1 March 2007:

This is a most fascinating page, very informative and for me extremely helpful. I have to drive to various places without post codes as part of my work. Using your page I can get the lat and long and feed the info into my sat nav. Very useful indeed. Thanks v. much

3 Aug 2007

Dear Eric

I love your lat long page - very useful.
Suggestion:   can you make it so you can also enter a (lat, long) and have the map go straight there?   Also, it would be cool to be able to enter map coordinates in other systems (such as the UK national grid system). But now I'm asking too much.
Thanks again, all the best, David

See here for UK lat / long to OSGB grid conversion

More comments to go here please.....

Write your own review and send to me at for addition above.     Images of your satellite antenna etc welcome.

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