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Satellite TV dish pointing calculator for people in the Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname

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Choose your wanted satellite orbit longitude and satellite name in the box here

Instructions for dish pointing for people in the Caribbean area including: Bahamas, Cayman, Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti, Dominica, Barbados.

Select your wanted satellite orbit position in the box at the lower left. Satmex 5 is just an example.

Put your mouse at your site and do double click or just drag the map to the centre.  The map view will move so that you are in the middle.  The latitude and longitude of the centre of the map is then shown below the map, together with your satellite dish pointing azimuth, elevation and skew angles.

To refine the accuracy, click on the plus sign + in the navigation boxes at the upper left of the map.  The scale will enlarge so that you can go accurately to your location. Repeat several times. Choose the Satellite or Hybrid map version to see the satellite picture of the ground or even your own house !

Dish pointing (Azimuth and elevation mount)

Set the dish elevation angle first; this is the up/down angle.  Use the elevation scale on the back of the dish. The elevation scale is particularly important if you have an offset feed dish with the LNB on an arm at the bottom.   

Set the polarization or skew angle also. This involves either rotating the LNB in its throat clamp or turning the entire dish assembly via a large disk behind the dish.  There may be a polarization rotation scale on the feed throat or behind the dish.   Facing the satellite, clockwise polarisation is positive.   Polarisation must be set to 1 deg accuracy for transmit dishes and this normally involves talking to the VSAT hub while you make adjustments.

For the sideways azimuth bearing use a magnetic compass or just think about where the sun is and the time of day and boldly swing the dish sideways.  You should find the satellite on the first swing, then spend half an hour peaking up.  Peaking up is very important for long term service quality and minimum outage time during rain fades.

Dish pointing (Polar mount)

Only your latitude matters.   Set the main motor polar axis angle and the small downward tilt of the dish and, with the motor central align the dish towards the due south satellite.   Motor rotation angles to the east are positive, to the west negative.

Navigation: Lyngsat listings of satellites nearby along the equator

Disclaimer and Safety Warning:

The dish pointing results of this page may be in error,  The latitude and longitude are not intended for the blind navigation of aircraft, ship or other vehicle purposes.  Magnetic azimuth angle bearings are approximate or may not be available, particularly towards the polar regions.  Use is therefore entirely at your own risk. Take care with satellite dish pointing to not injure others by dropping tools or hurting yourself by falling down. For accurate latitude and longitude may not be accurate a GPS receiver is suggested.

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