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OptiStreams - satellite communications services for North America.

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OptiStreams was founded over 6 years ago by husband and wife team, Jon and Alison Haugan. The company started in the spare bedroom of the founders' home, where they focused on connecting rural schools to the Internet in areas where cable and ADSL were not available. The company has grown to 20 staff and provides services to government/homeland security, enterprise, small and medium businesses and mobile/transportable. Services include high speed Internet access, VPN, Voice-Over-IP, SCADA networks, private networks, and back up/redundant connections for emergency preparedness.

OptiStreams believes not just in in bringing connectivity and communications to its customers, but economic development, freedom and democracy, no matter the location.  I like that attitude.  Their primary coverage area is the United States but they also have access to beams on other satellites covering Mexico, (Satmex) South America (Amazonas 1), Africa (NSS-7), Europe (T12) and the Far East (NSS5)


Aetheron is Optistreams' new flagship satellite service that provides the cost-effective and reliable broadband business-class IP solution over satellite. This highly advanced Enterprise class solution integrates all the hardware and software needed to deliver bi-directional broadband connectivity easily and efficiently, while enabling the highest data rates available in the industry today. It has all the features and configuration capabilities to be used in both a high bandwidth and low bandwidth applications. In either type of network, all the features of traffic engineering, security, protocol optimisation, and high-efficiency are not compromised.

The United States Department of Health and Human Services used Optistreams' Aetheron satellite solution as an integral part of its overall strategy to successfully complete its Health Preparedness mission during the recent Democratic National Convention. IP telephones, laptops and video teleconference were provided at a remote site.

Easy config. of DIRECWAY 4000 for smaller office networks

OptiStreams have come up with a new satellite access gateway with the Broadband Embedded Technology Interface™ (BETI™).  It  is a fully customized satellite gateway using Microsoft's new Embedded XP platform. The BETI™ satellite gateway was designed in response to the need for an easy to use and manage, multi-user satellite solution for smaller networks.

Off the shelf or complicated software solutions simply increase the likelihood for conflicts or frustration for users who wish to network 2, 5 or 10 users to their satellite signal. Furthermore, not everyone enjoys "PC based" solutions as found with many offerings. BETI™ makes the whole process easier with its simple, automated install wizard and streamlined features.

The BETI™ satellite gateway is compatible with both consumer and business edition DIRECWAY 4000 series. It is self-installable and has a user-friendly interface.  Wireless versions are also available.

US Govt. Service interest

OptiStreams offer comprehensive satellite-based communications solutions that facilitate secure broadband communications for both routine and mission-critical applications, including transponder capacity, AETHERON, iDirect, DIRECWAY®, Mobile VSAT, up/down link and network operation and engineering support services

OptiStreams® has been awarded a GSA schedule from the federal government's General Services Administration which now allows federal agencies to efficiently purchase select capacity and uplink/down link services. The schedule also includes expert support related to OptiStreams' network of satellites, as well as the necessary engineering and consulting services such as network development and project implementation.

Potential customers include:  U.S. Department of Defence, U.S. Army, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, FEMA, the State of Arizona and other civilian and defence-related agencies.

Solar array on spacecraft

OptiStreams contact details:

OptiStreams HQ, Fresno, CA 93711 Phone: (559) 440-1334    Toll-Free: (866) 438-6784

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Some of the text and graphics on this page has been provided by OptiStreams and is used here with their kind permission

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