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Station-53 satellite internet access service for yachts with VoIP option.

Seatel antenna

When operating to vessels on lakes, rivers and at sea the satellite dish must accurately track the satellite as the vessel moves.  This requires that the satellite dish be stabilised, in this case using a gyro stabilised platform within a white weather cover radome.  The radome permits the two-way satellite transmissions but stops the wind and weather from affecting the dish pointing accuracy.

VSAT equipment: The company offers a range of autotrack Ku band SeaTel antennas, Model 4009 1m, Model 5009 1.24m, Model 6006 1.5m diameter.

Service areas:  Multiple satellites are used to provide very extensive coverage:

Telstar 11N at 37.6°W North America Beam
Ku Band x-pol
Telstar 11N at 37.6°W European Beam
Ku Band x-pol
Satmex 5
SatMex 5 at 116.8°W
Ku Band x-pol
T14 R NA
Telstar 14R at 63.0°W North American Beam
Ku Band x-pol
Eutelsat W6 at 21.5°E
Ku Band x-pol
GE23 NE Asia
GE 23 at 172.0°E
Southwest Pacific
Ku Band co-pol
GE23 SW Pacific
GE 23 at 172.0°E
Northeast Asia
Ku Band x-pol
GE23 North Pacific
GE 23 at 172.0°E
North Pacific
Ku Band x-pol
Galaxy 18
Galaxy 18 at 123.0°W
Ku Band x-pol Galaxy 28
Galaxy 28 at 89.0°W
Ku Band x-pol
GE23 SE Pacific
GE 23 at 172.0°E
Southeast Pacific
Ku Band co-pol
T14R Atlantic Ocean
Telstar 14R at 63.0°W
Atlantic Ocean Beam
Ku Band x-pol
GE23 South Pacific
GE 23 at 172.0°E
South Pacific
Ku Band x-pol
SatMex 6
SatMex 6 at 113.0°W
Ku Band x-pol

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