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Example assuming:

The results from the polar mount satellite dish pointing calculator say, for example:

The MAIN MOTOR AXIS angle must be 38.76 degrees.

The SMALL DOWNWARD TILT ANGLE of the dish must be - 5.34 degrees.

First set the scale on the fixed bracket on the SG-2100 polar mount motor bracket.     Do this calculation X = 90 - 38.76      so X = 51.24     so set the scale on the fixed bracket to 51.24

Now work on the scale on the back of the dish.    Do this calculation Y = 40 - 5.34   so Y = 34.66 deg.    so set the scale on the dish to 34.66 deg

  • X is not the real beam elevation angle but a larger angle which needs reducing a bit by the small downward tilt of the dish, in order to see a satellite due south of you.

  • The scale on the dish is intended for use when the dish is attached to a vertical pole.  In this case the 'vertical' pole has been bent down by exactly 40 degrees so the dish scale is wrong by 40 deg.

  • Elevation angle of the beam = 180 - 90 - MAIN - TILT = 180 - 90 - 38.76 - 5.34 = 45.9 deg (for a due south satellite)

  • 90 - 38.76 = 51.24

  • Real elevation angle of the beam =  51.24 - 5.34 = 45.9 deg  (for a due south satellite)

► Page created 23 Dec 2004, amended 24 Feb 2015.  Eric Johnston