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Link budgets index page

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Satellite Link Budget Calculator

Complete all boxes in the white rows and then click any calculate button to obtain results in the green rows.

Uplink frequency GHz
Uplink antenna diameter m
Uplink antenna aperture efficiency e.g. 0.65
Uplink antenna transmit gain dBi
Uplink antenna, power at the feed W
Uplink EIRP dBW
Range (35778 - 41679) km
Uplink path loss dB
Uplink pfd at satellite dBW/m^2
Bandwidth Hz
Satellite uplink G/T dB/K
Uplink C/N dB

Downlink frequency GHz
Downlink receive antenna diameter m
Downlink receive antenna aperture efficiency e.g. 0.65
Downlink system noise temperature (antenna+LNA) K
Downlink receive antenna gain dBi
Downlink receive antenna G/T dB/K
Downlink satellite EIRP dBW
Downlink path loss dB
Downlink C/N dB

Uplink C/interference dB
Uplink C/N dB
Satellite C/intermod dB
Downlink C/N dB
Downlink C/interference dB
Total link C/N dB

dB to watts calculator

At the top of this web page is a link to "Link Budgets index page". This leads to pages with pre-calculated satellite link budgets with useful default parameters inserted which may be amended and then recalculated.

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