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Training for VSAT install technicians in Africa

IET Satellite Communications summer school - training course

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I recommend this course.

Annual Satellite Communications Systems Course,  UK

Contact: Zoe Squires:

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This is an opportunity to be part of a prestigious course which explores all aspects of the satellite communication business from the Space segment (GEO, MEO and LEO) to Mobile and Fixed Ground Terminals. The course provides an appreciation of modern satellite communications systems together with detailed technical knowledge of overall system design and latest technological developments.

Suitable for: Military users and Operators, Telecoms Operators, Broadcasters, Government Personnel, Researchers and Academics, Scientists, Design and Development Engineers, Equipment Manufacturers and Suppliers, Satellite Broadband Operators and Service Providers (involved with satellite communications for the first time, requiring to up-date their knowledge, or moving into the field), people managing or working at a VSAT Teleport hub site, such as NOC controllers will benefit

This course is not intended for VSAT installation technicians.

Satellite communications course

This popular and intensive 5 day course provides students with an in-depth background of satellite communication techniques as well as a state of the art update on key emerging technologies and future systems. The course is ideal for engineers practising within the Satellite Communications field or for those in allied fields requiring an update in this area.  The course includes significant project work and exercises.

Satellite summer school course scope and content (subject to amendment)

Overview of Satellite Communications
Basic Link Engineering
Satellite Systems Planning
Link Budgets
Multiple Access Techniques
Propagation Interference and Regulation
Payload Engineering
Spacecraft Engineering and Operations

Earth Station Engineering
Modulation and Modems
Mobile and BGAN services
Military Satellite Communications
Internet Service Provision over Satellite
Satellite Navigation and Positioning
Satellite Broadcasting and DVB

Satellite summer school lecturers typically come from:

EADS Astrium,  BT, Sys4sat, Cable & Wireless, ICO, Thales, PA Consulting,  5 Eyes Defence, Thales, University of Surrey and University of York.

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