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"EH3 7AF" This is not just a postcode but also the name of a Scottish Country dance from the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society.

The crib for the dance goes like this:   EH3 7AF (J8 x 32) 3C (4C set) R Goldring RSCDS Book 40

Music bars: 1 - 8

1s lead down the middle and back up to the top.

The music and band are to the left side of the diagram.

The 1s are the first couple to start the dance.

EH3 7AF dance down and back
The first Man is shown in red. First Lady in green.

9 - 16

1s, followed by 2s+3s Promenade, ending with the 1s casting out and down to second place on their own sides.

The 2s and 3s follow the 1s, all holding hands in pairs. 

As the 1s finish the circuit, they go further, cast out to their sides and then back down to 2nd place.

As the 2s finish they move up a bit to finish up in 1st position.

The 3s finish up where they started.

Scottish dance promenade manoeuver


1s pass by the right shoulder and turn 1st corners Right Hand (RH) to end up with the Lady between 2s and the Man between 3s.

1s pass by the right and turn 2nd corners to end between corners, on the sides.

Scottish dance: pass right shoulder and turn corners

25 - 32

1M dances RH across with 2s and 1L dances RH across with 3s.

We call this teapots on the ends.

1L dances up between 2s and casts to 2nd place own side as1M dances between 3s and casts up to 2nd place own side.

Finally the first couple end up in second place, ready to start the dance again, this time starting in second position.  The couple in fourth place participate.  Once the first couple have done the dance twice they step sideways to the bottom - position 4, and each of the other three couple then gets to have 2 goes each in turn.

Scottish dance EH3 7AF: right hand teapots at the ends


The EH3 7AF dance is just one example of many similar Scottish country dances.  The various manoeuvres illustrated here are typical of Scottish country dancing.  Other dances incorporate similar patterns - the big problem is remembering the sequences of the patterns in the various dances.  The other people are very helpful and will often quickly aim you in the right direction.

April 2008.   Last amended 23 Jun 2021.

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