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1  Service Providers / Satellite Internet - Americas / VSAT installers in the Americas and Caribbean ?
 on: Oct 20th, 2016 at 7:26pm 
Started by Admin1 | Post by Admin1  
I have started a new page listing VSAT satelite dish installers in the Americas.

Please, if you are an installer, send me some text by email plus an image of one of your installations.

Refer to similar page http://www.satsig.net/africa/vsat-installers-africa.htm to get an idea of what is appropriate.

Best regards, Eric

2  Anything else / General and other topics / Re: CPI HPA VZU6997AC Power Arc Fault
 on: Oct 20th, 2016 at 3:24pm 
Started by Tristan | Post by Tristan  
Hi Eric,

Thanks for the advice.

Best regards,

3  VSAT technology and installation / iDirect Forum: hubs and terminals / Re: iDirect Hub Functionality
 on: Oct 20th, 2016 at 2:40pm 
Started by Ali Malik | Post by Admin1  
It is no problem at all. You are very welcome to the forum.

Hub based iDirect networks use a system called Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) for the burst transmissions from the remote sites towards the hub. Remote sites transmit short bursts all on the same frequency but at different times.

The hub needs to know the locations of all sites so that it may calculate the distances to the satellite. Based on these distances and the speed of radio waves, the hub can then tell the remote sites exactly what time to transmit their bursts, so that the bursts do not overlap one another when the stream of bursts arrive at the satellite.

GPS coordinates are fine or you can use my latitude-longitude finder

GLONAS is similar to GPS, so that will do if you have a GLONAS receiver.

Beidu is a search engine. Maybe if you look up the town name at each site there will be information about the lat/long of the town. I am not sure.

4  VSAT technology and installation / iDirect Forum: hubs and terminals / iDirect Hub Functionality
 on: Oct 20th, 2016 at 2:06pm 
Started by Ali Malik | Post by Ali Malik  
Dear all,
I am very sorry if i make any mistake this is my first time on a forum so if i offend any body then " I already said SORRY Tongue"
So my question is regarding the functionality of iDirect 5iF Hub, Why does an iDirect Hub needs coordinates for both Hub and remotes Linked to it and can i only use GPS for coordinates or i can also use GLONAS or Beidu services.
Please educate me if anybody know about this

5  Anything else / General and other topics / Re: CPI HPA VZU6997AC Power Arc Fault
 on: Oct 20th, 2016 at 12:12pm 
Started by Tristan | Post by Admin1  
I suggest you call one of the phone numbers here:

"AC Power Arc Fault" suggests something serious wrong in the high voltage area of the TWT power supply.

I suggest you get advice from CPI about what the alarm means and what needs to be done.

Regards, Eric.

6  Service Providers / Satellite Connection in Africa / Low Cost Satellite Internet over East Africa - Eritrea, Somalia, Ethiopia Block
 on: Oct 20th, 2016 at 11:30am 
Started by wafanet | Post by wafanet  
WAFA has Low Cost Satellite Internet over East African countries block e.g. Eritrea, Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia - entire east African horn etc.

We provide a combination of Ka, Ku and C band services.

Contact us immediately for the best deals and offers.

email us on - sales@wafa.ae

Kind Regards
Wafa Team
+971-2-5500223 ( Office Telephone )

7  Anything else / General and other topics / CPI HPA VZU6997AC Power Arc Fault
 on: Oct 20th, 2016 at 11:29am 
Started by Tristan | Post by Tristan  

Good Day! I just want to ask what is the possible cause of "Power Arc Fault" on the CPI HPA VZU-6997AD? The unit is working for 1 month & almost 2 weeks then it displays fault like this.

All the power lines are OK, no atmospheric disturbance during the time when the HPA displayed fault, and the unit is properly connected to the grounding.

We are looking forward for your kind help.

Thank you and best regards,

8  VSAT technology and installation / Satellite dish installations - pictures and descriptions / ComtechEFData CDM 625 Supervision or Monitoring
 on: Oct 20th, 2016 at 10:56am 
Started by Green_A_O | Post by Green_A_O  
Hello All,

I am looking for ways to monitor or supervise couple of CDM 625 modems from a dedicated PC in the most affordable way possible.

Link type are PTP over satellite
Hub Location : 32 CDM links
Remote location: Multiple

Can anyone share ideas.


9  VSAT technology and installation / Hub and VSAT satellite equipment for sale and wanted / For sale: Used SeaTel Cobham ST60 Marine Stabilized TV Antenna
 on: Oct 18th, 2016 at 4:16pm 
Started by Satcom-Resellers | Post by Satcom-Resellers  
The following is for sale:

Used SeaTel ST60 marine stabilized antenna
Return from customer per manufacture automatically without question will send out a replacement unit.
The antenna and reflector was dismantled from the base.
1. Base unit is intact, the stand is intact, only thing is the antenna and reflector is detached from antenna stand but is a complete unit with
control box, motors, reflector, itís a full antenna with outdoor Radom, customer return, everything looks pretty new, needs to be put back together, will sell AS-IS. Also will need to be Calibrated.
All manuals are available for functionality
MSVP: $64,995.00
Please make offer

Please contact us if you are looking to buy or sell new or used satellite communication equipment.†

Satcom Resellers
10 Fairway Drive, suite 212
Deerfield Beach, FL 33441

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Website: https://www.satcomresellers.com

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EBay: http://www.ebay.com/usr/satcomresellers

Edited by admin: Image was here: http://i65.tinypic.com/2labj0l.jpg

10  VSAT technology and installation / iDirect Forum: hubs and terminals / Re: iDirect (x3 Series Evolution Model) Lnb And Buc For Sale
 on: Oct 18th, 2016 at 3:42pm 
Started by owenisrael | Post by owenisrael  

iDirect (X3 SERIES EVOLUTION MODEL) LNB and BUC for sale.

You can get the latest VSAT iDirect Modems (x3 Evolution, 3100, 5000 & 7000 series)
DRO LNB, PLL LNB and 2watt, 3 watt, 5watt BUC. You can get these items at the price you can ever imagine.

Also available for sale are both channel master and prodelin dish , required sizes 1.2m, 1.8m, 2.4m and 3.8m

If you are interested call Israel on this phone number 08060762017
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