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Satellite dish pointing Canada
Satellite dish pointing US
Dish pointing in Paraguay

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Satellite internet and email access connection via direct two-way customer premise terminals is possible in North America, the USA, Caribbean and South America following the building of VSAT teleport hubs by satellite broadband service providers. Fast web downloads, email, ftp file transfers and streaming video and audio are achieved with bit speeds per second often of several hundred Mbit/s, using a share of a high bandwidth connection from a large hub station with a rate of up to 36 Msps (like digital sat TV DVB-S or DVB-S2 signal). Two way satellite broadband capacity is normally shared.  Services for SOHO users have higher sharing ratios, but are much lower cost than services for business users or internet cafés, where dedicated or low ratio sharing is the rule. To assure fair sharing Mbytes download quotas are often applied. Service providers have tariff options for various peak service bit rates and download quantities (Mbytes). Email and internet web browsing are the usual intended use. For applications requiring substantial uploading of data or for video or voice VoIP ask about higher price options and feasibility.
My summary of the satellite internet service from each provider.  Go to referenced web sites, click on the emails or phone to ask for prices and confirm technical details.

Canada, USA, North and South America: Satellite Internet coverage maps below

IsoTropic Networks

Fixed : Mobile : Maritime : Auto pointing : Inmarsat

  • Company Owned & Operated Teleports
  • iDirect Host Network Operator (HNO)
  • Flexible & Scalable Bandwidth Packages
  • iDirect Evolution & iNFINITY Networks
  • Installation & Maintenance Services
  • On-Demand Dedicated Bandwidth
  • 24/7/365 Technical Support

Satellites: Galaxy 18 : SatMex 6 : Galaxy 28 : Amazonas 2 : T11N

Isotropic logo

Phone:  +1 262-248-9600

W2835 Krueger Road, Lake Geneva, WI 53147

Americas coverage footprint map
Americas Coverage Availability

Ground Control logoGround Control Fixed, Mobile, Portable and Marine Satellite Internet Solutions
Fixed VSAT dish with non-penetrating mount Trailer mounted satellite internet terminal

Satmex 6 beam coverage
Satmex 6 Ku band coverage from Ground Control

Ground Control has a variety of stationary VSAT systems for Ku-Band connectivity, including the TripleA semi-mobile system. They manufacture mobile VSAT dishes including complete trailer systems. Their flagship Toughsat mobiles are used world-wide.
Hand portable BGAN satellite internet terminal Remote monitoring, SCADA, satellite terminal

G-18 AMC9 footprint
Galaxy 18 / AMC 9 Ku band coverage from Ground Control

Portable BGAN satellite systems are also available. These small terminals have global coverage and can fit inside of a laptop case. New M2M satellite technology allows for remote device monitoring and control anywhere on the globe for $50/mo usd.
Call: 800 773 7168 or 805 783 4600 or email
Bentley Walker

HughesNet HX and iDirect X1 satellite internet broadband service for South America and the Caribbean using the high power Ku band AB1 satellite at 12.5 deg west and Telstar 12 at 15 deg west.

Coverage area includes: All of Caribbean, Trinidad, Tobago, Grenada, Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao and all South America countries: Panama, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Guyana, Ecuador, French Guiana, Peru, Paraguay, Suriname, Venezuela. Argentina,  Bolivia, Paraguay, Chile.

Customer VSAT dish size is 1.2m - 1.8m diameter according to location. See detailed dish size maps.  

Special quality of service techniques and advanced proprietary TCP/IP compression give much faster broadband downloads compared with unprocessed feeds.

Email for sales and prices for HX and iDirect X1 services:
To become an authorized dealer please email

Hughes HX and iDirect X1 service area
Hughes HX and iDirect X1 - AB1
iDirect X1 service area
iDirect X1 - Telstar 12
AST logo Applied Satellite Technology Systems US, LLC IA-7 Coverage map
Coverage in all of North America including northern Canada, Alaska, the Pacific Hawaiian islands, Puerto Rico, USVI, Central and South America is provided via the Intelsat Americas IA-7(G-27) satellite.

AST Systems US, LLC offers a wide range of VSAT based solutions and expert advice of satellite communications around the globe. Their services include high speed satellite internet access, land-maritime mobile internet access, and voice services. The focus is helping customers with their communications needs.

Service providers include iDirect, Spacenet, WildBlue, Inmarsat and Iridium. Some of the markets served are government, cutting edge-innovative companies, retail, small office / home office, and multi-site locations.

For sales inquiries please contact us at 1-480-247-2439
  or email us at

To become authorized dealer please contact us at 1-480-247-2439
  or email us at

Satmex 6 Ku band beam map Coverage in North America and South America: Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia. Bahamas, Jamaica, Haiti, Puerto Rico, Antigua, St Lucia, Barbados, Trinidad, Bonaire, Venezuela, Colombia and Guyana is provided via Satmex 6. Telstar 12 footprint Coverage of South America, Europe and S.Africa: As far east as the United Arab Emirates,  provided via Telstar 12.


Skycasters provides high speed satellite Internet access throughout North America and Central America to customers who need more than traditional terrestrial landlines.

They provide service through fixed, mobile and transportable equipment to a wide spectrum of customers concerned with disaster response; oil, gas & mining; business continuity, remote and telemedicine applications. Mobile solutions include Skycasters rugged ready-to-deploy trailer and other turn-key equipment that can be easily mounted on a truck or a RV.

They provide integrated Point-to-Multipoint WiMAX Internet solutions with satellite backhaul for Communities, Internet Cafés and Resort/Tourist Destinations, including administration and billing services.

Services are delivered through Ku band transponders using iDirect Technology Solutions. The teleport infrastructure, satellite hubs and the network operations center are company owned and business-grade.

Skycasters offer a wide range of service plans reaching speeds of 4 Mbps download and 1.5 Mbps upload which match terrestrial speeds, and basic plans which cater to small businesses and residential customers. The service plans feature Committed Information Rates (CIR), which guarantee high speed access during peak hours.

For service in North America, Central America and the Caribbean,
call 800-268-8653 (North America) or 001-330-752-0272 (International),
or visit their website at

Telstar 14 footprint
Skycasters high end service in Telstar-14
N. America / Caribbean / Panama beam
Galaxy 28 footprint
North America service area

VSAT Systems

VSAT Systems is a solutions based provider of VSAT satellite communication systems in North and Central America.

An independent teleport operator and a bandwidth wholesaler, VSAT Systems provides complete turn-key capabilities to Virtual Network Operators (VNO) to operate their own networks without commitment or the investment in the teleport infrastructure. VSAT Systems also has a Value Added Reseller (VAR) program available to companies who directly sell satellite Internet services to end users.

The teleport infrastructure, iDirect Satellite hubs and the network operations center have redundant equipment throughout along with a dedicated in-house technical support and engineering team. VSAT Systems capabilities enable their clients to provide broadband Internet through fixed, mobile and transportable equipment. VSAT Systems also enables clients to provide integrated business solutions like VPN and data-center co-location.

Contact Information:
Phone: 800-268-8653 (North America) or 001-330-752-0272 (International)
or visit their web site at

Galaxy 28 footprint
Galaxy 28 provides coverage of North America, N Mexico and much of the Caribbean.

Telstar map
Telstar-14 adds central America coverage as far south as Panama.

GlobalTT logo
Operations in C-band

GlobalTT teleport antennas Teleport

Customer VSAT dishes are typically 98cm or 1.2m dia with up to 13 PCs connected.




 Mesh single HOP

 Public static IP




 All-in-a-Box appliance
 (mail, FW, DNS..server) is a leading satellite provider and ground station based in Brussels - Belgium

Internet service: SkyOne-IP and SkyOne-Pro over the Caribbean.  Fixed usage:  Private users, Soho/Sme Corporate, UN, NGOs, ISP's...
4.5Mbps max receive and 256kbps max transmit with a small 1.2m parabolic antenna. Many different types of subscription from Quota to Shared to Unlimited.

Leased line or dedicated line also available.
4.5Mbps receive and 1Mbps in transmit with a 1.8m or a 2.4m for the maximum speed
Different types of leased line: fully dedicated, bandwidth on demand (BoD) or slow trigger BoD.


Atlantic Ocean region map have their own teleport with 155Mbps and 34Mbps backbone connectivity.

Coverage examples: Venezuela, St Lucie, St Domingo, Puerto Rico, Caribbean, Guyana, Atlantic Ocean.

New Era SystemsNewEra teleport antennas

VSAT Satellite Connections: Operating from their International Teleport located in Miami, Florida this company provides services to communities and companies in all parts of the Caribbean, Central and S. America where Internet or telephone communication is hard to find.

Coverage in Central and S. America is provided via SatMex 5 and SatMex 6, in C-band and Ku-Band frequencies.

In Portuguese: Serviços de Satélite na América Central e do Sul    Teleporto Internacional

Satellite Equipment for sale: New Era also sell a wide variety of new and used satellite equipment for existing installations, or assistance in creating brand new teleport hubs and VSAT facilities for Corporations, ISPs, Cafes or NGOs.

The company employees are friendly and experienced in implementing such services.

Upconverter and TWTA HPA
Converters, TWTAs
High power amplifiers
Satellite modems

 Spectrum analysers and test equipment
Spectrum Analysers, Test equipment.

For information about our equipment sales, or bandwidth costs click:
Elite Satellite

Elite are a major US national sales agent for HughesNet (the new name for DirecWay service).

The HughesNet service operates using multiple transponders at 14 orbit positions. The coverage pattern shown in the map on the right is one example.  A variety of tariff plans are offered suitable for Home User to Commercial Business, with corresponding maximum download and upload bits rates, shared using a fair access policy based on a threshold number of Mbytes which may be downloaded at high speed, followed by a recovery period at a lower download bit rate.

The customer modems now being delivered are the new HN7000s variety.
Service is only available in the lower 48 US states.

Contact details:


Galaxy 16 service area
HN7000s VSAT terminal & beam map for HughesNet service

If you want service elsewhere in the world click the location here > Africa  Europe  Middle East  Asia

Please mail me, Eric Johnston, if you have suggestions or comments, all input welcome.  Please contribute to my satellite internet forum.  Ask your question.  Offer your advice to help others.

If you have a significant business network requirement and need professional paid-for contracted consultancy support I can recommend a colleague at E-mail:, his web site is at Satcom consultant / consulting.    I have written up a 'how internet via satellite broadband works' white pages guide.   A wireless or cable LAN is a way of sharing the VSAT equipment price and monthly download bandwidth costs amongst a number of local users in a star network to provide for internet cafés, local communities, apartment buildings, shopping malls, hotels and office parks.

The setting up and management of two-way satellite broadband interactive  (BBI)  return channel system (RCS) satellite internet terminals (SIT) is done by the provider so any problem VSAT sites can be switched off remotely until a technician attends. Also, the equipment design and frequency bands comply to international regulatory "type approval" for general use so that operation does not cause interference to others or continue to require individual license / licensing.  Non-approved terminals will continue to require individual licensing.

Associated pages worth looking at:

Satmex 5 map    Telstar-14 (Skycasters)    Galaxy-28 (Skycasters)    AMC 6 map   Galaxy 4r map

LinkStar service in North America from NiaSat


Marine service in Brazil, Argentina and Chile coastal waters

Maritime mobile (e.g yachts) in US coastal waters and Caribbean

Wildblue and Telesat Canada service in Ka band on ANIK-F2

TrustComm: VSAT service from secure (military) teleport in Texas

GM Netcom - Argentina

SES Government Solutions

Internet in Motion using 3G cell phone networks

Falkland Islands and South America satellite coverage

HughesNet dish on Dustyfoot tripod mount

VSAT installer wanted in Cayman Islands and link to BGAN supplier in Cayman

Dish pointing Canada    Dish pointing USA    Dish pointing Caribbean area   Dish pointing Peru

Mobile internet tripod mounts AZ 85735

Mobile and Maritime Satellite Internet

LinkStar service from JuchTech

Internet satelital Banda Ancha: Rep. Dominicana

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