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News from Patriot (October 2005) plus update.

Satellite dish manufacturing to start in Nigeria ?

"Patriot has a definitive agreement with the government of Nigeria to open a full scale manufacturing facility in their country. This agreement with NASRDA (Nigerian National Space Research and Development Agency) will allow Patriot Nigeria to produce tens of thousands of antennas for the defence government services, broadcast, cable and DTH sectors that will service all of Africa, the Middle East and Southern Europe. This will also Enhance Nigeria's presence as the predominant force throughout Sub-Sahara Africa.

The Government of Nigeria and NASRDA has recently purchased a C, Ku, Ka and L-band satellite from China that will be launched in 2006. These satellites along with the Nigerian manufacturing facility, will allow NASRDA to be completely self-sufficient with the ability to provide all of the ground based equipment with communication services.

The above story came from Patriot Antennas, Albion, MI, USA, in 2005.


Patriot Antennas was formed in 1992 and manufactured antennas for both civil and military applications. Up to 120 people were employed. In 2007 the company was taken over by Cobham.  By late 2011 the number of staff was down to 31 and the site was closed 31st Dec 2011 with the remaining work transferred to Cobham's facility in Orlando, Florida.

I have not found any evidence that the planned Nigeria manufacturing facility ever got going. Sad!

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