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Atlantic Bird 2 coverage

Atlantic Bird 2 at orbit 5 west longitude.  ViaSat Linkstar service at 11,016 GHz,
Horizontal polarision down,  Vertical polarisation up. Symbol rate 27,500,000 FEC=5/6

The Atlantic Bird 2 satellite is located at 8 degrees west orbit longitude. 

The red line in the top right hand corner is the 10 degree elevation contour. VSAT operation below 10 deg elevation is not advised due to rain fading, thermal noise due to rain and tropospheric scintillation effects.

Operation outside the red line is possible if you use larger earth station dishes.

Ask Eutelsat for the satellite handbook for Atlantic Bird 2 satellite in pdf format. Use this satellite handbook for the uplink G/T and power flux density contour figures and also for downlink EIRP figures in your link budget calculations.

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